3 benefits of using led tennis court lighting

Tennis is one of the most popular and widespread sports for workers around the world, and each sport has different lighting needs; there are many types of courts, including outdoor and indoor, large and small.

Improperly constructed indoor or outdoor tennis court lighting can be costly to the user and a spike in operating costs.

That’s why you must invest in proper and high-quality tennis court lighting. To get the best lighting solution for tennis courts, you must have an extensive understanding of tennis court lighting.

This article explains the advantages and benefits of tennis court-led lighting applications, so take some time to read through it.

1. What is tennis court lighting

Tennis court lighting consists of lights that provide sufficient illumination and evenly disperse light throughout the court. Light-side lighting is present on both sides of the tennis court. In addition, two or three light poles are placed along each side of the long axis.

Tennis courts must be properly lit regardless of the number of events or spectators. This is to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what is happening. The ball should be visible regardless of speed or position.

Tennis court lighting will enhance the spectator experience and increase safety. It enhances the performance of the players in the game by improving their vision.

Good outdoor/underground parking and building lighting design also improve walkers’ lighting experience.

led lights tennis courts

2.What are the benefits of led lighting for tennis courts?

Operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced

Tennis court led lighting can save you money, from the purchase cost of led lighting to the actual operation and maintenance costs, can save very much money, this is because the mass production of led lighting can make the cost greatly reduced; second, with the continuous development of led lighting design continues to improve, improve the utilization of light, can save very much electricity, third, can be very easy to install, no need to Replace the light pole of the tennis court, plus led tennis court floodlights to use aluminum alloy housing, can reduce weight, led lights can convert more than 95% of electricity into light. About the cost of tennis court-led installation, you can click this link.

using LED floodlights is very environmentally friendly

Although the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, environmental awareness is becoming more and more important. The use of led floodlights consumes less electricity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 95% of the energy in led can be converted into light, and its service life has become 30% longer. It can not only improve the user experience but also can have good environmental protection.

visual improvement

You can’t hit what you can’t see. That’s a given. One of the main benefits of LED lighting for your tennis court is that you will enjoy much better visibility than older lighting designs, such as metal halide. Why is this? Because technological advances have helped developers to create LED products that are brighter than ever before. Not only that but these lights can easily be directed or emitted at specific angles to produce a more consistent level of illumination. If you want better light coverage for your outdoor or indoor tennis courts, then LED bulbs are a high-performance option.      

3. what are the advantages of our led floodlights?

  1. good lighting performance: high lighting brightness, large coverage area, lighting near and far.
  2. long service life: using imported lamp beads, service life of more than 50,000 hours.
  3. Anti-glare design: effective control of glare, spill light, reduce light pollution.
  4. Good protection performance of lamps and lanterns: the overall use of high-quality alloy materials cold calcined one-piece forming process, compact structure, stable performance, can work normally in a variety of harsh environments and climate conditions.

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