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Our commercial plant grows lights have all the features you would expect from a full spectrum plant grow light, with an IP66 waterproof rating, and can be connected to multiple drivers using RJ12 connections, with both cool and warm white LEDs and 660nm red light to improve electrical and photosynthetic efficiency. Dimming methods are 0-10V, PMW dimming, DALI dimming, etc. Meanwell XLG or Inventronics power supply can be customized, such as chip Samsung white + Cree red 660nm. It can also provide a Zigbee control system, suitable for use in a relatively large number of cases.

Parameter Introduction:100W To 200W, IP65, IK10,13000LM To 26000LM

Linear LED grows lights, smaller size, less space, easy to transport. 3 different wattage, 600W,700W,800W. Die-cast aluminum housing, 120-degree light angle, 2.65 umol/W luminous efficacy, high PPF output, IP20 and IP65 options, 50,000 hours of service life. It can easily replace traditional plant lighting and is very easy and convenient to install. Perfect for use in greenhouses to meet the light conditions required for plant growth.

Parameter Introduction:300W To 400W, IP65,IK10,39000LM To 52000LM

Multi Bar LED grow light is a product with an extensive range of use to help grow vegetables, fruits, cannabis, and other plants in all stages of plant growth. Our plant lighting is made of the die-cast aluminum housing, a high-quality imported power supply, and lamp beads; the quality of the product can be guaranteed. There are three different wattages and modules, three modules-320W, six modules-640W, and eight modules-850W; the products can be folded, reducing transportation costs; 3 different dimming methods, 0-10V dimming, PMW dimming, Dali dimming, to meet different needs. Products have UL, ETL, CE, ROSH, and other certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED plant lights can mimic sunlight irradiation and replace sunlight with light to give plants a better growing environment according to their growth pattern. LED plant grow lights can promote plant germination and reproduction, bring more excellent harvests for agriculture, and are better quality plants.

SHINETOO LIGHTING is a professional plant grow light manufacturer and supplier specializing in developing and producing LED plant grow lights for 14 years. The products are constantly updated and iterated to provide the best product quality, and high yield plant grows lighting solutions. Professional team to answer your questions for free, from sample to mass production. We have stable material suppliers, as well as suppliers with good reputations in the world. Our price is competitive in the market. Competitive, hope we can cooperate. We can also provide OEM service and customer service.

Plants at different stages of life require different spectra. Same as Cannabis Spectrum.

  1. Nutritional stage of plants – Blue light plays an important role in the early stage of plant growth, so blue light promotes strong root/stem/leaf growth. Blue light promotes plants to produce more chlorophyll, which helps seedlings to better absorb and utilize the energy of photosynthesis, allowing plants to grow and mature faster. The wavelength of blue light is 450-470nm.
  2. Red light helps plants to flower and fruit faster. The wavelength of red light is 630-660nm.

So plant lighting, according to the habits of different plants, to match the ratio of red and blue light is the most appropriate. Therefore, the plant lighting spectrum is also very important.

The color variation of LED plant grow lights is directly related to their intended use – numerous studies have shown that certain colors affect plant growth by influencing root and flower formation (blue and red light spectrums), meaning that most plant species will complete a normal growth cycle if exposed to both blue and red plant grow lights. Adding more hues to the spectrum, such as green, far red, and dark blue assists this process by providing the plant with more information about its surroundings, resulting in higher overall plant quality (faster growth, more secondary metabolite accumulation, etc.) ). The full spectrum is the spectrum that contains all colors and is very similar to sunlight. If the light contains a lot of green, then the human eye will perceive it as white.

Once you have decided on your crop and planting area and the environment of your planting site, it’s time to find a quality and affordable LED grow light. LED grow lights, like other LED lights, consist of three key components: the LED chip, the LED driver, and the heat sink. Cheap LED grow lights made from low-quality components may save you money at first, but the light efficiency is usually low and wears out very quickly and is very bad for plant growth, and our LED grow lights are very competitive in price.

Yes, too much light can harm your plants, whether it is sunlight or simulated sunlight, although it is very difficult for light alone to kill plants. If there are too many LED lights, the leaf tips of the leaves will turn white, and as the process goes on, the leaves of the plant will get burnt. If you notice this symptom, you can make the light height increase, and as the plant grows vertically, you need to make the LED lights keep turning up.

It is recommended to keep the light on at night to accelerate plant growth and flowering. You can program the light to turn on and off; however, you cannot leave the grow light on all the time, as continuous light will dry out the plants and limit their development and possibly cause them to die.

For our standard products, there is no minimum order quantity, customers can order the required quantity flexibly according to their needs. If you need special material, process or design, LED custom products need to set a minimum order quantity.

We usually pay T/T with 30% deposit and the final payment is required before delivery.

Usually the delivery time is one week for samples and 15-20 days for bulk orders. The specific delivery time should be confirmed with the salesman.

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As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on

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