difference between LED sports lighting and metal halide and different

If you are worried about choosing a lamp, look at this article to explain the differences between metal halide lamps and LED lighting to provide reliable and valuable information for your judgment.

What is LED lights?

What are LED flood lights?

LED lighting is a light-emitting diode; LED is a tiny chip encapsulated in epoxy resin. The principle is to let the current through the diode light, which has many advantages.

what is a metal halide lamp?

A metal halide lamp is made of an electric arc that produces light by vaporizing a gaseous mixture of mercury and metal halide (bromine or iodine with metal compounds). It is a high-intensity discharge (HID) gas discharge lamp.

metal halide lamps and LED which is better?

LED lamps are better than metal halide lamps for many reasons, such as long life, short warm-up time, and saving a lot of costs, but they also can be directed to focus the lamp.

Metal halide has a very low lumen efficiency

The electrical energy conversion rate of metal halide is shallow; LED lights electrical energy conversion efficiency of light energy in more than 90%, a 1500W metal halide lamp output lumens can only be equivalent to 500w led lights, but also very economical electricity, meaning that spending less electricity and consume less energy can produce the same or even better lighting metal halide lamps. 1500W metal halide lamps can only produce 60,000 lumens, while LED lights only need 500W to have the same lumens, directly saving so much money on electricity, which is a non-negligible saving.

metal halide lamps have a long warm-up time

It takes 20 minutes to turn on a metal halide lamp, which will seriously waste time and people’s time when they go to a sports event, often wasting 20 minutes for nothing to wait for the light to come on and hinder the operation.

If it happens in a large factory, it will waste production time, and in severe cases, it will hinder regular operation.

LED lights have no warm-up time.

LED does not require frequent bulb replacement

LED lamps have a life span of 50,000 hours, while metal halide lamps only have a life span of 6,000-19,000 hours.

Put another way, buying one LED lamp eliminates the need to replace metal halide lamps five times.

the difference in cost between LED and metal halide

For the place where the lighting is located, it is not just a matter of choosing the cheapest or the most expensive. It is important to consider the ongoing maintenance costs and the use efficiency.

Metal halide is very costly to use

  1. High power, low lumen output, waste of electricity.
  2. Short life span, need to replace bulbs often.
  3. Frequent need for maintenance and upkeep

LED lamps can save cost

LED lights have a long life, do not need to be replaced often, post maintenance is simple, does not require much maintenance, the structure is different from the metal halide lamp, metal halide lamp structure is very fragile, LED lights are very durable, can do IP66 and IP67 level of waterproof and windproof.

environmental protection and safety

Metal halide lamp significantly impacts global warming; it will convert a lot of electrical energy into heat and produce very much ultraviolet radiation as it consumes power during working operation.

However, led lighting is no ultraviolet radiation and is very friendly to the environment, emitting just a little heat.

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