LED lights to reduce glare and what is anti-glare?

LED lights can sometimes cause glare and reduce visibility. However, choosing the right LED lights can reduce and significantly improve this. This article discusses what anti-glare lights are and the steps that can be taken to minimize this unwanted effect.

LED lights can sometimes cause glare that is bad for your eyes, can be flashed and can reduce visibility. This is not a minority of cases but can also be prevented. Then the configuration of the LED light is essential. Then it is necessary to follow the anti-glare design. We shinetoo LED lights have an anti-glare function, friendly to athletes on the sports field. People with eye disease are also very friendly. It can block unnecessary reflections and reduce the intensity of the light source itself—the intensity of the light source itself to reduce glare.

This article will introduce the function of LED anti-glare guide, and people with sensitive eyes do not feel the irritation, so follow this article to learn it.

The anti-glare technology of our shinetoo LED floodlights is the best in the world, and no manufacturer is better than us. Many of the LED lights used in tournament-grade tennis courts around the world are sourced from our manufacturer.

What is an anti-glare light?

Anti-glare led light is not only designed for people who are sensitive to intense light but also for athletes who are present and people who need to look up a lot or need to look down a lot; it has many benefits. It can provide soft lighting, will not make you lose attention on the game, and will not make you feel uncomfortable because the light is too broad and harsh. Anti-glare allows you to see things clearly and your eyes to feel gentle and not be subjected to the light of Shanghai.

Whether it is indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, anti-glare is useful. It will not harm and burden your eyes, even if you unintentionally look directly at the led light.

Anti-glare lights reduce excess light and have a role in light spillover. Extra light not only affects your eyes but also affects nighttime visibility. There is only good, not bad, so it is essential to choose shinetoo’s anti-glare technology.

Anti-glare LED lights

LED lights, compared to traditional lighting, although they can provide high-efficiency energy conversion, which is a good product, LED lights the glare above can often happen. Hence, it has a high probability of glare.

Anti-glare LED lights provide a favorable lighting environment and play a considerable role in life safety. If anti-glare lights are used outdoors and indoors, people will not feel tired because of the lights when they are working, and other types of accidents caused by glare will be significantly reduced.

How to measure the glare of LED?

When choosing an LED light, you can measure its glare characteristics using the UGR (Uniform Glare Rating). This rating describes how much glare an LED lamp will produce and which number is most suitable for the respective application. Referring to this value, you can choose the one you need.

According to the European Standard “BS EN 12464: 2002

The following ranges of UGR can be applied for specific applications.

  • UGR<19 is best suited for office work, such as reading, writing, and meetings.
  • UGR<16 is best suited for technical drawing and warehouse applications.
  • UGR>30 produces the highest level of glare.

UGR measures the relative difference between the brightness of a fixture and its surroundings. This device is only suitable for indoor led lighting.

Tips for reducing light glare

  1. Anti-glare led lights should be used everywhere and widely and consistently. Anti-glare can do more than bring gentle illumination to the eyes; it can also eliminate many safety hazards.
  2. The glare of LED lights can hurt the eyes, and he produces more glare than ordinary traditional lights because it is bright enough.

So how do we reduce glare? How do we do it?

Replace your lights with anti-glare lighting products

Most of the lights on the market use a lens when the athlete lifts his head, he sees the LED light source. But with Shinetoo’s patented reflector technology, we use reflectors, so the fixture faces the pitch when installed. Players don’t see LED light sources, but lights.

Choosing the right color temperature can reduce glare

If you do not use our shinetoo anti-glare technology led lights, you should choose a color temperature of <3000 to reduce glare; if you use our shinetoo lights, then you do not need to consider this item, to our professional engineers to help you manufacture or customize.

Benefits of using LED anti-glare lights

Reduce eye strain and protect your eyesight

Anti-glare lights will help reduce eye strain. This is undoubtedly a pleasure if you often need to stay under the light to work, and your eyes do not feel irritated when you arrive home.

Does not produce harsh shadows

This type of lighting will not produce harsh shadows around objects, etc. so that you are working carefully, or when you are reading a book or newspaper, you will feel comfortable and not feel too bright.

Long life span of LED

Anti-glare led lights have a long life, their light decay is very long, and is not susceptible to damage. They can continue to operate generally in places with harsh environments, which is where it is better than ordinary traditional lights.

Best for stadiums and courts

Lighting in stadiums and courts should be precise because it directly affects how the sport is played. Glare can reduce the visibility of players and spectators on the field, and in severe cases, it may interfere with the regular play of the athletes. Some accidents may happen that affect the reputation of the athletes themselves. Therefore, it is an excellent choice to choose led floodlights from shinetoo.

Final conclusion

Anti-glare lights are energy efficient, reduce glare, and provide actual color while saving you money on your annual electricity bill. They should be the only bulb used in a home or work environment to achieve maximum savings. Please note that they may initially cost slightly more than regular LED bulbs but will save you more over time due to their superior lighting quality and benefits.

Anti-glare led lights not only give gentle lighting and reduce glare but also have a long life span, typically up to 50,000 hours, and although they may be slightly more expensive, they will last for years and save you more money as they are retired over time.

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