LED High bay lights EVO More energy efficient

LED HIGHBAY LIGHTS EVO is a more energy-efficient LED light than any other highbay light. Produces 140LM/W of the lumen and consumes less energy. Use die-cast aluminum housing and a variety of colors to choose from. A type of power can be selected (100W, 150W, 200W ), and 24-hour operation without interruption. Easy to install, easy to maintain. Can retrofit old lamps.
Driver using Lifud, Chips using Philips or Osram. Has good heat dissipation technology, and a service life of more than 50,000 hours. In line with LED highbay lights lighting standards, easy to install, easy maintenance, and can directly transform the old metal halide lamp. With CE, UL, SAA, CB, TUV, and other product certifications. Support product customization provide IES lighting test files and provide quality after-sales service.

Product features

  • Free lighting design IES lighting standards documentation available
  • More energy efficient than other LED lights
  • Lumen output: 140LM/W
  • Unique die-cast aluminum design
  • Lifud high-performance Driver
  • Chips available from Philips/Osram
  • Support custom products
  • Energy saving over 80%
  • Supports IES lighting documentation
  • Compliant with LED lighting standards

SHINETOO LED lighting manufacturer, with a professional R&D team and service team, supports OEM and ODM and other customised services.



100-277VAC / 180-528VA,50/60 Hz
IK08 steel glass
IP65 rated
Wire guard available
Motion sensor zigbee avalable
Unique die casting aluminum design 90/ 120 degree beam angle

120 Degrees and 90 Degrees as an options with an aluminum reflector.

A durable, rugged die-casting aluminum design ensures the perfect heat dissipation.

100W LED = 250W HID / MH / HPS
150W LED = 400W HID / MH / HPS
200W LED = 500W HID / MH / HPS

Daylight and motion sensors are available for up to 80% energy saving.

It comes standard with a hook for 1-10V Dimming optional. chain/cable mount, and optional U-Bracket.

Electric System
Class 1 system Standard input voltage: 120 – 277VAC 50/60 Hz
Optional high voltage: 180 – 528VAC 50/60 Hz
Total harmonic distortion: <20%
Power factor: > 0.9

Smart Control
Zigbee / Dali is available.


Five years warranty.

Optional Accessories
Wire guard and U-Bracket

lK08 tempered glass comes standard with clear
tempered glass, optional frosted tempered glass.




LED Chips




System Wattage

100W 150W 200W







Input Voltage

100-240/277 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

IP Rating


IK Rating


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 40°C

Beam Angle

90° 120°


5 Year



Life Time

100,000 hours

Product video


Other LED UFO highbay lights

certification show

As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on

R & D Team

Production Process

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

UFO high bay light is a kind of LED light shaped like a UFO, mainly used for commercial or industrial lighting, such as in supermarkets or warehouses, factories, parking lots, department stores, etc. They can illuminate a large area.

How to choose high bay light

High bay light lighting uses deep reflectors to direct light down from high ceilings. High bay light lights also produce diffused light, which helps reduce glare. Low bay lighting has shallower reflectors and lenses that scatter light outward from lower ceilings.

It would help if you chose the lighting with the correct power based on the lighting required for the scene and the height of the suspension. Different light intensities are required in different scenes, and the related parameters are different. When purchasing LED ufo high bay light, it is recommended to check the accompanying IES file and use professional lighting software such as DIALux, and AGI32 for calculations. When calculating the number of lights, you need to provide some basic parameters, such as the area of the room, the length, width, and height, the illuminance required for the place, and other important data. The IES file is imported into the software to plan the required lighting layout. After that, you can also view the lighting effect distribution.

LED high bay light is a cold light source, so many customers think that LED high bay light will not be as hot as incandescent light. This doesn’t seem right, LED high bay light will also generate heat, but because of the high efficiency of LED light conversion, only a very small amount of heat will be generated.

The life span can be 50,000 hours or more, with up to 170 lumens per watt, and even if the light output declines after a few years, it can still produce a sufficient amount of light.

At 20 feet tall, you can use a 15-foot spacing to produce bright light or an 18-foot spacing if you need normal light. At 30 feet, you can leave 20 feet between lights to get brighter light. However, for normal light, you can use a 25-foot spacing.

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