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SHINETOO LIGHTING offers outdoor and indoor LED floodlights and LED high mast lights for various scenarios, which can be used for sports lighting (tennis courts lights, basketball courts lights, soccer fields), stadium lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, parking lot lighting, and billboard lighting. The products are competitive, have excellent protection and waterproof levels, comply with many international standards, have unique symmetrical or asymmetrical beam angles, and have anti-glare technology, which can greatly improve the lighting effect with a professional technical team and customizable production.

We produce high-quality LED light fixtures and welcome worldwide distributors and trading partners to cooperate with us. We offer various models and power (100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1400W, 1600W, 1800W, and 2000W), the Shipping from USA or China. We support customization, ODM and OEM, we are the factory and manufacturer and supplier worthy of your choice!

Parameter Introduction:100W To 200W, IP65, IK10,13000LM To 26000LM

Popular outdoor LED high mast lights using asymmetric light distribution, unique design to reduce glare, 5mm tempered lens, 98% reflectivity, unique appearance design, better lighting effect, power up to 200W, chips using NICHIA, the driver using Meanwell, lumens up to 130-140lm/W, excellent heat dissipation Effect, can be used in recreational sports field lighting (tennis court lighting, soccer field lighting, basketball court lighting, baseball field lighting, swimming pool lighting), parking lot lighting, outdoor sports field, outdoor street lighting, etc., life span up to 50,000 hours, G1-S1 series LED flood lights provide 7-year warranty.

Parameter Introduction:300W To 400W, IP65,IK10,39000LM To 52000LM

With asymmetric light distribution, a unique design to reduce glare, a 5mm tempered lens, 98% reflectivity, with excellent performance, suitable for outdoor sports scenes, tennis courts, basketball courts, lighthouse lighting, billboard lighting, etc., maximum power 400W, lumens up to 140lm/W, life span up to 50,000 hours, chips using high-end NICHIA, the driver using Meanwell, CRI>70. Meanwell, CRI>70, not only provides excellent heat dissipation but also can provide powerful lumen output, lumen up to 52,000LM. G1-S2 series floodlights offer 7 years warranty.

Parameter Introduction:500W To 800W,IP65, IK10,65000LM To 104000LM

G1-S3 floodlight models are available in 500W, 600W, and 800W. The chip and driver are imported parts, asymmetric light distribution floodlight, unique glare reduction design, 5mm tempered lens, 98% reflectivity, suitable for outdoor, sports field, tennis court, soccer field, baseball fields, ample building lighting, suitable for various locations where high power floodlight photos are needed. Our products support customization and sell well worldwide. G1-S3 offers up to 7 years of warranty.

Parameter Introduction:300W To 600W, IP65, IK08,36000LM To 72000LM

Extremely low wind resistance area (EPA) diameter of only 352 mm, easy replacement of existing mast, wiring, and HID / MH / HPS fixtures on the mounting arm One PCB board design, our high-quality lens for better glare control Lightweight design ensures less force on the pole Unique hollow excellent thermal design, power up to 300W to 600W, using high-performance chips OSRAM, The driver with Meanwell/Inventronics, up to 50,000 hours of life, sold worldwide, suitable for sports lighting (tennis court lighting, soccer field lighting, golf course lighting, etc.), marina lighting, harbor lighting, ‘parking lot lighting. Customized service is supported.

Parameter Introduction:500W To 1200W,IP65, IK08,60000LM To 144000LM

G2 floodlight power from 600W to 1200W, suitable for indoor sports lighting, indoor lighting, tennis court lighting, factory lighting, warehouse lighting, etc. Very low EPA, PCB design, color rendering index 70-90, better glare control, lightweight design, skeleton heat dissipation, with high-performance heat dissipation, beam angle of 15 °25 °45 ° can be selected, 100,000 hours of life. Chips using superior NICHIA/OSRAM and using high-quality controller Meanwell or Inventronics. G2 LED floodlight comes with a 7-year warranty.

Parameter Introduction:1200W To 1600W, IP65,IK08,162000LM To 216000LM

G5 LED high power floodlight with a maximum lumen output of up to 216000 lumens, excellent heat dissipation, shallow wind resistance area (EPA), the best seller in the world, power range 1200W to 1600W, can be used for large sports fields (soccer field, basketball court, tennis court), industrial lighting (factory lighting, warehouse lighting), port lighting, airport lighting, chips using high-quality OSRAM, the driver using Meanwell/Inventronics, output lumen 135lm/W, can be customized according to customer needs, provide a 5-year warranty.

Parameter Introduction: With Maximum Power of 1400W,IP65,IK08

G3 flood light anti-glare technology, high-performance reflector, suitable for all large scenes 200W-1400W lighting effect is excellent, controller using MEANWELL or Inventronics, chips using the excellent NICHIA, lumens from 22,000lm/W to 154,000lm/W, suitable for large stadiums (tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball court lighting, etc.) as well as large indoor lighting, high mast lights and other outdoor scenes, IP65 and IK08 waterproof and protection rating, G3 flood light provides up to 5 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED floodlight can also be called outdoor LED spotlight, or LED floodlight, is used for outdoor lighting fixtures, can also be used for indoor large area lighting.

Compared to metal halide and HPS floodlights, there is a significant improvement in performance, more savings on electricity, and brighter light, as well as a longer service life.

The LED floodlight does not contain any toxic gas, will not cause pollution to the environment, and can be recycled.

Shinetoo makes the best LED outdoor floodlights for stadiums, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and grow lights.
The wattage ranges from 100W to 1400W, IP rating and IK rating, and can be customized for different usage scenarios.

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Stadium Lighting
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LED flood lights can be used in many common applications as long as the lighting requirements are high applications are required to use LED floodlights.

Common applications for LED floodlights include.

  1. outdoor sports venues, indoor gymnasiums, basketball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, golf courses, and other sports venues.
  2. Commercial lighting such as parking lots, high-speed rail stations, highways, train stations, subway stations, docks, etc.
  3. Public places such as plazas, gardens, public areas, high pole lighting, riverside lighting, etc.
  4. For the lighting of animal and plant landscapes.

LED floodlights can quickly meet most places with high requirements for light and have the advantages of low cost, environmental protection, etc.

LED floodlights for applications such as sports fields, industrial lights, and commercial lights to provide high quality lighting. Since these lights have many options, targeting the right floodlight for different applications can be a challenge. Here are some of the features to consider when deciding which outdoor LED floodlights are right for you.

For new bulbs, choosing by lumens is more important than choosing by wattage when choosing which energy-efficient bulb to purchase. While wattage measures the amount of energy needed to light a product, lumens measure the amount of light produced. This means that the more lumens a product has, the brighter the light source will be. Traders should not buy products based on how much energy they consume (watts), but rather how much light they give us (lumens).

Wattage is a measure of how much energy a light bulb uses – not how much light it gives off. Energy-efficient bulbs use fewer watts to give off the same amount of light (lumens). Because of this, LEDs (which typically have a lower wattage compared to lumens) not only help reduce energy use, but also lower electricity bills.

Color Temperature
Color temperature refers to the color appearance of the light coming from a light source. It is an important performance characteristic when evaluating light bulbs because color temperature creates the mood of the space you are lighting and can thus influence buying behavior or job performance. The apparent color of a light source is measured in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the whiter the light will be.

  • 3000K Warm White: Looks like yellow, giving a warm, comfortable feeling.
  • 4000K-4500K Natural white: looks like sunlight.
  • 5500k-6500k Cool White: Blueish white light.

DLC Certification
If a fixture is DLC certified (which stands for Design Light Consortium), it is eligible for energy rebates from the local utility, which can significantly reduce the cost of ownership. The Qualified Products List is a resource for program managers to help them decide which solid-state lighting products should be included in their energy efficiency promotions.

Most of the lights on the market use a lens when the athlete lifts his head, he sees the LED light source. But with Shinetoo’s patented reflector technology, we use reflectors, so the fixture faces the pitch when installed. Players don’t see LED light sources, but lights.

What are the features of LED floodlights?
1. According to the application, various brackets can be designed, and the direction of LED floodlight can be adjusted for easy installation.
2. Adopting sub cast iron sheet for heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area is expanded by 80% compared with other products, which ensures the luminous effect and service life of LED. The structural design of the lighting fixture increases the airflow heat dissipation channel.
3. It has a larger lighting beam adjustment angle than ordinary LED lights, so it is more flexible in application.
4. Special waterproof design to achieve IP65 or IP66 rating
What are the advantages of LED floodlight?
1. Adjustable lighting beam angle.
In fact, LED floodlight is a kind of spotlight, so its lighting beam angle can be adjusted to make its application more flexible, therefore, many LED floodlights also have metric plate for lighting beam angle adjustment, so that the direction of the lighting beam can be adjusted accurately.
2. Wide range of applications.
Compared with other lamps and lanterns, LED floodlights are smaller, so it can be applied to a wider range of installation locations, and it is not easily damaged during use, and can not have more heat dissipation because of the long time use, so it has a service life of up to 50,000 hours.
3. Good lighting performance.
Because it is a spotlight, with the function of a spotlight, so the LED floodlight lighting performance is good, the lighting color is very bright and beautiful, and the color purity is very high. Although the lighting color of LED floodlight is very brilliant, but its lighting beam is soft, not blinding, and anti-glare design, as well as asymmetric design. In addition, LED floodlight is an energy-saving lamp, it can save a lot of electricity in the application process, so its use of power is not high.

As the latest generation of lighting fixtures, LED floodlight has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and long life with high luminous efficiency.

More and more people are choosing it to replace traditional metal halide floodlights or HPS floodlights. So, the power and wattage comparison table of LED floodlight and metal halide/HPS floodlight. You can refer to the chart.

LED floodlight equivalent to matal halide lamp  
Metal halide/HPS FloodlightsLed Flood lights FixturesEddective Lumens

Spotlights are usually defined as lights with beam angles of no wider than 45 degrees, whereas floodlights are typically categorised by beam angles of 90 degrees and above.

With a spotlight, users can almost “point and shoot” the beam of light at specific objects to better illuminate them. Since the beam is much narrower, the illumination is much more concentrated than its floodlight counterpart. Floodlights, on the other hand, cast light over a much larger space without necessarily using any more power or wattage than a spotlight.

Your choice between which of the type of light you use will depend primarily on your needs.

Floodlights have different types of light sources, and the characteristics, consumption, and service life of other light sources are different. The common floodlights are metal halide floodlight units, HPS floodlight units, and LED floodlights, and their service life has great differences, as follows.

  • Metal halide device: 8000-10000 hours
  • HPS floodlight: 20,000 hours

  • LED floodlight: >50,000 hours.

Therefore, LED floodlights have the longest life span, can save more lamps and labor costs, and are cost-effective in a comprehensive way.

LED flood lights are dimmable, need LED lights with this function, if some LED lights do not have this function, it can not be dimmable.

Although both high power LED high bay lights and LED flood lights are known for their energy efficiency and wide range of applications, they also have many differences.

1.They have different beam angles:

Flood lights have wider beam angles to choose from, including 120, 90, 45 or 30, 160 angles, while LEDhigh bay lights are usually 120, 90 or 60 degree beam angles.

2.Beam angle of LED highbylight with different heights.

Beam angle Height of ceiling :

60° 8 to 12 meters

90° 6 to 8 meters

120° 4 to 6 meters

3.Different applications.

Although they have a wide range of applications and can both be used in the same place, LED high bay lights are more often used in indoor areas with high ceilings and floodlights are more suitable for outdoor applications.

4.Different shapes.

High bay lights are available in round (UFO) or linear, where linear high bay lights can be designed as slender or long and wide. While floodlights are usually rectangular in shape.

5.Different light distribution.

Due to their different shapes, the light distribution is also different. ufo highbay lights are round and the light intensity gradually decreases from the center to the edge, while linear high bay lights are rectangular and evenly distributed, with a sharp decrease in light intensity at the edges. led floodlights are a point light source that can shine evenly in all directions, and their irradiation range can be freely adjusted.


Since the functions and facilities of the two lighting fixtures have been discussed, the choice of which option depends entirely on your needs. Both can be used in various scenarios.

For our standard products, there is no minimum order quantity, customers can order the required quantity flexibly according to their needs. If you need special material, process or design, LED custom products need to set a minimum order quantity.

We usually pay T/T with 30% deposit and the final payment is required before delivery.

Usually the delivery time is one week for samples and 15-20 days for bulk orders. The specific delivery time should be confirmed with the salesman.

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As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on

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