Best LED Golf Course Lights Solution

Best golf course LED lighting solution

Lighting standards for golf courses

In order to ensure sufficient lighting, but also to ensure reliability and luminous efficiency, for international events, US Open lighting professional competitions, the required lighting level is 800-1200 LUX. To achieve lighting accuracy, lamps need to have different opening angles and optical lenses. On larger courses, these lights need to be paired with floodlights to provide better visibility throughout the golf course.

The lighting standard for training and golf courses that are open to the public needs to reach around 200-300 lux to ensure that spectators and golfers have enough light to clearly see the trajectory of the golf ball. To make golf courses more profitable and popular, it is necessary to use golf course-specific LED lighting design and technology in lighting effects.

Shinetoo Lighting offers LED lighting fixtures and lighting designs for golf course , we provide various specifications and power of golf course lighting,explosion-proof and durable.our lights are built better and last longer.

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Lighting design of golf course lighting

If golf course lighting wants to reach the standard level, it is necessary to use various components of LED high mast lighting in order to achieve the effect.


High uniformity of lighting on a golf course is very important. High uniformity allows players to better see where the golf ball is going, and spectators are more comfortable for their eyes. High uniformity means that the overall brightness level remains the same. Low uniformity can cause eye fatigue, reduce golf course profitability, and affect athlete judgment. The value of lux is 0-1. For international events or major competitions such as the U.S. Open, it needs to be above 0.7, which translates into a minimum lumen to average lumen ratio of 0.7, and a golf driving range needs to be above 0.5, which translates into a minimum lumen ratio. The ratio to the average lumen is 0.5.

Flicker free lighting

Flicker-free lighting is a must, and with golf balls capable of reaching a top speed of 200 mph, flicker-free lighting is required. It will enable high-speed cameras to capture the movement of golf balls and clubs. However, if the lights are flickering, the camera won’t be able to capture the full range and finer details of the golf. As a result, the audience will miss exciting moments. To ensure full slow motion video capture, golf course lighting needs to be compatible with 5,000 to 6,000 fps. Therefore, even if the flicker rate is around 0.3%, that is, the fluctuation of lumen output is 0.3%, the fluctuation of lumen will not be observed by the camera or the naked eye.

High CRI

The color rendering index, or color rendering index, also cannot be ignored. This is essential for lighting up the golf course. Choose SHINETOO’s led lights, which can achieve a high color rendering index of 90, which helps to highlight the golf ball and create a contrast between dark environments and grass surfaces. At high CRI, the colors look like they would normally appear in sunlight. As a result, the colors will appear crisp and easy to distinguish.

Lightning protection

Since golf lighting is placed outdoors, there is always a risk that the lighting will be damaged by lightning. That’s why you need to get golf course lighting that provides lightning protection. This will help ensure that the lighting lasts longer and is not damaged by lightning. The latest golf course lighting from SHINETOO provides lightning protection.

Waterproof, anti-collision IP66, IP65

Since golf course lighting is placed outdoors, it also needs to be waterproof and impact-resistant. It can prolong the life cycle of LED lights and can maintain normal operation in bad weather

Why choose LED golf course lighting?

In terms of golf course lighting, SHINETOO’s LED lights have served more than 100 golf course cases, why use our LED lights as golf course LED lights, the following reasons will make you realize why it is the right choice.

LEDs are more energy efficient than other light sources

The energy efficiency of traditional metal halide lamps and mercury vapor lamps is very low, and the energy utilization rate of modern light source LEDs can reach 95%, which is why more and more golf courses choose to use LED lamps.

Longer service life

Compared with other lights, LED lighting has a much longer lifespan and can convert 95% of electrical energy into light energy. Thanks to the high efficiency of LEDs, they are widely used in golf courses.

Minimize cost and improve quality

LED lighting can improve lighting quality and reduce costs, using our LED lighting, the monthly cost will be reduced by more than 80%

LED Lights VS Metal Halide Lamps

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

LED lighting provides a number of advantages over traditional lighting systems, including increased energy efficiency, improved safety and reduced maintenance costs. LED lights also generate less heat than other types of lighting, making them ideal for outdoor sports like football. LEDs produce a bright, white light that is evenly distributed across the playing field, eliminating shadows and providing better visibility of the players and the ball. Additionally, LED lights are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, which can help reduce operating costs. Finally, LED lights are highly customizable, allowing for a variety of lighting effects and colors to be used to create the desired atmosphere.

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