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SHINETOO LIGHTING offers LED high mast lighting for a variety of scenarios, typically used to illuminate large areas from very high mounting heights, typically mounted on 30-150 foot high poles with 2 to 16 luminaires per pole, for outdoor sports lighting (tennis courts lights, basketball courts lights, soccer fields), municipal lighting, commercial lighting, parking lot lighting, billboard lighting, dock lighting, airport lighting, and other outdoor high pole lighting. The products are highly competitive, have good protection and waterproof rating, meet many international standards, have unique symmetrical or asymmetrical beam angles and anti-glare technology, and can be significantly enhanced by a professional technical team and customizable production.
We produce high-quality LED high-mast light fixtures and welcome distributors and trading partners worldwide to work with us. We offer various models and wattage (100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1400W, 1600W, 1800W, and 2000W), shipped from the US or China, and we support customization, ODM and OEM. We are worthy of your choice as LED high mast lights factory, manufacturer, and supplier. You can leave a message on the website or inquire about getting LED high mast lights’ price and catalog!

Parameter Introduction:100W To 200W, IP65, IK10,13000LM To 26000LM

Adopt asymmetric light distribution, unique design to reduce glare, 5mm tempered lens, 98% reflectivity, unique appearance design, better lighting effect, viral in Europe and America, power up to 200W, chips using NICHIA, the driver using Meanwell, lumens up to 130-140lm/W, excellent heat dissipation, can be applied to sports field lighting, indoor stadium lighting, warehouse lighting, dock lighting, and flood lighting, life up to 50,000 hours, G1-S1 series LED floodlights provide 7-year warranty.

Parameter Introduction:300W To 400W, IP65,IK10,39000LM To 52000LM

High Mast Lights 400W LED High Mast Lights, unique design to reduce glare, 5mm tempered lens, 98% reflectivity, with excellent performance, suitable for outdoor sports field lighting (golf course lighting, baseball field lighting, baseball field lighting), lighthouse lighting, billboard lighting, etc., maximum power 400W, lumen output 140lm/W, life span up to 50,000 hours, chips using high-end NICHIA, The driver using Meanwell, CRI>70. Not only do they provide excellent heat dissipation, but they also can provide powerful lumen output, lumen up to 52,000LM, and can be customized production. G1-S2 series floodlights provide 7 years warranty.

Parameter Introduction:500W To 800W,IP65, IK10,65000LM To 104000LM

The G1-S3 High Power LED High Mast Lights are available in 500W, 600W, and 800W models. Generally used for large outdoor sports field lighting, also suitable for outdoor scenes with high light requirements. Asymmetrical light distribution floodlight, unique glare reduction design, 5mm tempered lens, 98% reflectivity, suitable for outdoor, sports field (tennis court lighting, soccer field lighting, baseball field lighting), large building lighting, suitable for a variety of locations requiring high power floodlighting. Our products support custom production and sell well worldwide. G1-S3 provides up to 7 years of warranty.

Parameter Introduction: With Maximum Power of 1400W,IP65,IK08

G3 is a large LED High Mast Light, floodlight anti-glare technology, high-performance reflector, suitable for all large scenes, wattage 200W-1400W, can change the module, excellent lighting effect, the driver using MEANWELL or Inventronics, chips using the excellent NICHIA, lumens from 22, 000lm/W to 154,000lm/W, suitable for large stadiums (tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball court lighting, etc.) as well as large indoor lighting, high-pole lights and other outdoor scenes, IP65 and IK08 waterproof and protected rating, G3 LED High Mast Lights, we provide up to 5 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED high mast light, as the name suggests, the light fixture is installed in a high place, so usually, the wattage of the light fixture is very large. High mast lights are generally used in large areas such as airports, parking lots, parks, overpasses, train stations, golf courses, etc. They can also be used in soccer fields, so high mast lights are also known as LED stadium lights.

  1. Multiple beam angles are available

Due to the high mounting height of the high mast light, the beam angle usually chosen is not too large to effectively illuminate the ground. According to the height and uniformity requirements, different beam angles are needed to achieve the illumination value and uniformity standards, especially for various stadiums, live venues, professional venues, training venues, or amateur venues with different illumination requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high mast lamps with various optics.

shinetoo’s LED stadium lights to use in-house designed optics with individual molds. There are 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and asymmetric spectra available; if you want to buy high mast light, we will have a professional lighting design team to provide lighting simulation. Welcome to contact the shinetoo team.

  1. High level of intrusion and impact protection

IP and IK rating is one of the most critical parameters for outdoor lights, especially IP rating. Lamps that are exposed to the outdoors for years have to withstand the accumulation of wind and rain. If the protection level is not sufficient, it can easily cause water to enter the luminaire, and the internal electronic components will be burned out. High mast lights are dangerous and expensive to maintain, so the protection level must be high.

Shinetoo’s LED high mast light has IP66 waterproof rating. Water is difficult to enter the luminaire at any angle of installation. In addition, the degree of protection against mechanical shock also reaches IK10.

  1. Remarkable returns

SHINETOO engineers try different LED chips to achieve higher luminous efficiency. Our high mast lamps are designed to reach the limit of energy saving, direct retrofit of traditional HID lamps can achieve a fast and significant return. Typically, our 500Wh high mast lamps can directly replace 1800W HID lamps, with energy savings of over 70%.

  1. Choose high quality LED chip and LED driver

High quality LED chips and LED drivers can provide high luminous efficiency, give low light decay, and have a shallow failure rate. We highly recommend that when you buy stadium lights, it is best to choose high-quality LED chips and drivers because high mast lights are expensive to maintain.

  1. Choose the right optical lens

When the beam angle of soccer lighting is large, the ground brightness is low, so it is suitable for small venues with low heights. The beam angle is smaller, and the uniformity is lower, but the ground brightness is higher, so it is more suitable for installation at higher heights. Therefore, to meet the lighting requirements of different sites, we generally recommend two beam angles. shinetoo’s high mast lights are available in beam angles of 15°, 30°, 45° and 60°. Please let us know your specific requirements, and we can provide you with a complete solution.

  1. Choose high-level IP and IK rating

As we all know, high mast lights are mostly installed outdoors, so they are easily affected by water and humidity. Also, since stadium lights are mostly used at heights of 7-30 meters, thunderstorms can affect the lights. At shinetoo lighting, our high mast lights have IP66 and 10KV surge protection to avoid these.

The high mast lighting system consists of three main sub-components: the mast structure, the luminaire, and the headframe. The headframe can be further divided into mobile and fixed types. In systems with a mobile headstock, the mast structure has a winch mechanism that allows the headstock to be lowered or raised, such as in luminaire maintenance. The mobile headstock has a latching mechanism that holds the full weight of the luminaire and the headstock. In fixed headstock systems, the mast comes with a step/ladder or motorized lift system that allows access to the maintenance platform. The motorized lift system can be a mobile step system sliding on two rails fixed to the mast or a powered elevator consisting of a car, guide system, elevator winch system, and safety brake system. 

The construction of LED luminaires varies depending on the type of light source used, the optical design, the driver design, and the thermal design. The luminaire consists of an LED assembly, an LED driver, a die-cast aluminum housing, and often an additional electrical compartment. The LED assembly comes in; an integrated design where the LED board is thermally interfaced with the luminaire heat sink and protected from dust and moisture by the luminaire housing and optical lens or; a modular configuration where a separate waterproof light engine is used, eliminating the need to disassemble the entire luminaire when modifications or upgrade, the entire luminaire does not need to be disassembled. Typically, LED assemblies are equipped with secondary optics to adjust the luminous flux distribution at the package level, although there are some products that. 

Key features include:

Low copper die-cast aluminum housing. 

Advanced cooling system with fast heat sink

High output with luminous efficacy up to 140lm/w with advanced optical technology

IP65 and IK10 

Energy savings – The common wattage of LED high mast lamps typically ranges from 100 watts to 1600 watts, which typically reduces energy consumption by approximately 70-80%. LED use semiconductors to produce light rather than consuming a “fuel source” like HID lamps. They also have a more uniform light distribution because they use a “multi-point” light source. Their lamps have multiple diodes and separate optics. 

Light performance: LED high mast lamps for field and large area applications provide a very evenly distributed light pattern due to multi-point light distribution. This means that the light level on a given surface changes less as the distance to the pole or luminaire changes. This is in contrast to HID luminaires, which produce a “bright spot” directly below the luminaire, with the light level dropping dramatically as the distance to the pole increases. In addition to light distribution patterns, LED offer a range of color temperatures, which provide a range of options to increase the visual perception of “brightness.” 

Reduced maintenance costs: In contrast to HIDs, which stop working properly once the fuel source is significantly reduced, the light output produced by LED decreases very slowly over time. As a result, LED luminaires may last much longer than HID lamps (typically over 50,000 hours). This significantly reduces the cost of maintaining external high mast fixtures over time. 

High mast lighting systems are raised high to minimize ground obstructions and create uniform illumination over large areas. 

Floodlights – These LED lights have a wide beam distribution and high illumination intensity. It is a highly diffuse and non-directional beam that produces large-area illumination. It can have an additional reflector or lens to help adjust the floodlight’s beam spread to flood or focus the light. Full cutoff or semi-cutoff distributions of floods are acceptable for use as streetlights.

LED street lights are integrated light-emitting diodes assembled in panel form with a built-in driver and heat sink.  

Latest designs 

LED high mast luminaires offer long system life and energy savings of up to 80% compared to traditional HID products. It offers multiple lumen packages, control options, and flexibility in roadway and area light distribution, giving you light level and energy-saving options when replacing 400-1000+ watt HID products. Led high mast luminaires are designed for retrofit and new construction. New models come with various control options and secondary surge protection for enhanced power quality protection during operation.  

Lighting and Control

LED technology for high mast and street lighting works with solid-state circuits and controls light output very dynamically. These lights function effectively with dimmers, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, photocells, and timing switches. Pairing high mast and roadway lights with light controls allows them to be changed on and off as needed.

For our standard products, there is no minimum order quantity, customers can order the required quantity flexibly according to their needs. If you need special material, process or design, LED custom products need to set a minimum order quantity.

We usually pay T/T with 30% deposit and the final payment is required before delivery.

Usually the delivery time is one week for samples and 15-20 days for bulk orders. The specific delivery time should be confirmed with the salesman.

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