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SHIENTOO LIGHTING produces high-quality integrated LED vertical solar street lights. And it meets the vertical solar street light lighting standard. Vertical solar panels are our unique design, with the advantage of generating electricity all day long with minimal wind resistance and reduced risk. Our vertical solar panels are uniquely designed with cylindrical solar panels, rectangular solar panels, and hexagonal solar panels. Our products have versatile controllers and are scalable. We use monocrystalline solar panels with an efficiency of over 21%. And we can form solar modules of 160W, 320W, 480,640W, etc. We can use single-head or double-head LED street lights/LED shoeboxes etc.

  • In addition, our vertical solar panels can be integrated with more applications, which can support electric water heaters, household appliances, traffic lights, billboards, outdoor displays, base stations, WIFI signal lights, and other applications.
  • It supports external power supply and peak and valley-only charging, which saves more money.
  • Our vertical solar panel power is 160-640 watts, and supporting bulb power is 5-160 watts.
  • Intelligent battery system for 3-6 days of continuous lighting without sunlight, with customizable battery capacity.
  • Remote control, cell phone computers can control the switch. MPPT components. Vertical solar panel design, is safer, more power-saving, and more beautiful.

Octagon vertical solar panel

Octagonal Surround Solar Panel

athena vertical solar panel

Quadrilateral wrap-around solar power panels

Hera white vertical solar panel

Circular Surround Solar Power Panel

Hera White vertical solar panel

Quadrilateral wrap-around solar power panels

Parameter Introduction:Monocrystalline solar panel 160W-640W, support LED light power 50W-160W, efficiency over 21%

Apollo Vertical Solar Street Light 2022 is newly designed with a quadrilateral solar panel around the whole lamp post, with intelligent WIFI 5G control system. Achieve lower wind resistance and safer solar street light. The four-sided surrounding solar panel has more powerful power generation; the highest power is 640W, with the highest 160W LED street light. With a high-capacity battery LiFePO4, it can have 4 days of life in bad weather—easy to install, shallow installation conditions.

Parameter Introduction:30W To 50W, solar panel 160W.

All-in-one LED solar street light with up to 21% conversion and extremely low wind resistance, suitable for commercial area lighting, pedestrian street lighting, courtyard lighting, and other places. Adopt a WIFI 5G control system. Solar power 160W, LED lamp power 30W-50W. low wind resistance, and convenient maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our solar lights can be integrated with many functions, including a powerful solar system that can simultaneously drive cameras, wireless base stations, signal lights, traffic lights, and wind power generation.

What if the battery runs out of power? Is there a solution?

Our solar street lights can be charged 24/7 to support the entire separate power system. Still, if extreme weather is encountered, our solar lights can help different power intensities of lighting in time slots and emit a small amount of light without people. We can even access utility power because it contains an intelligent chip that can choose to charge during peak and valley periods, saving even more on electricity bills.

Solar street light is designed according to traditional street light, which can be wiring-free, have high brightness, energy saving, have a long service life, have no maintenance, and have a remote control.

Shinetoo, as a solar light supplier, is committed to researching more efficient solar street lights that can be used for highway and street lighting and countryside paths, and the customer feedback is very good.

Solar panels are made of imported high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, and the batteries are new LifePo4 lithium batteries.

The main differences between shinetoo solar street lights are the housing, solar panel, battery, and some special features.

Yes, even if you don’t have sunlight, our system can provide power for at least 4-6 nights. We design our systems around the winter solstice, and we do this by analyzing your local climate to ensure our systems stay on during the nights when lighting is needed most.

The life expectancy of our solar panels is over 15 years, and the life expectancy of our LED lights is around ten years.

Batteries typically last 5-7 years.

For our standard products, there is no minimum order quantity, customers can order the required quantity flexibly according to their needs. If you need special material, process or design, LED custom products need to set a minimum order quantity.

We usually pay T/T with 30% deposit and the final payment is required before delivery.

Usually the delivery time is one week for samples and 15-20 days for bulk orders. The specific delivery time should be confirmed with the salesman.

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As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on

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