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Best vertical solar paner street light

What are the advantages of our solar panel street lights?

Easy to install, off-the-shelf poles are also compatible with square and cylindrical solar PV panel modules, allowing for quick modular assembly with adjustable screws.
Wind resistant, compared to All in one and All in two, we have the advantage of being wind resistant and structurally sturdy, not easily damaged by natural disasters.
Easier to clean, the vertical design makes it easier to clean without high labor costs.
360° all day charging, we charge around the light pole. From morning to night, you can have something to angle, no need to worry too much.
A single lamp post supports 640W solar panel
Modular design, and light weight, can be fully charged in a day.
Support more applications, can support surveillance video, electric water heater, home electricity, traffic lights, billboards, outdoor display, base stations, etc.

The best solar street light manufacturer in China

We are the best vertical solar street light flood manufacturer and supplier in China, mainly producing high power solar street light, exporting to Europe, Middle East, North America and other countries all year round, with high quality, long life and 5 years warranty.

Apollo street light

There are various options of power 40 watt 60 watt 80 watt 100 CRI>70, lumens 8000lm~32000lm, which can be used in streets, roads, highways, and other places with high demand for light, and can be customized if more power is needed.

Mars street light

There are various options of power 40 watt 60 watt 80 watt 100 CRI>70, lumens 8000lm~32000lm, which can be used in streets, roads, highways, and other places with high demand for light, and can be customized if more power is needed.

Advantages of SolarBest solar street light

  • Solar panels are installed around the light pole for improved safety and low-performance requirements for the light pole.
  • Solar light is flexible in its expansion function and reaches higher power quickly, swiftly, and simply in one step.
  • The street light can use 640W solar energy and support 160W light-throwing LED bulbs.
  • Round solar panels can be opened, easily maintained, and save labor costs.
  • With a battery controller, MPPT can support cell phones and computers for network control.
  • In extreme environments, the external power supply can be used, and low-valley charging can be selected to save electricity costs.
  • Intelligent time-of-day lighting control, which can emit different brightness at different times.

What is the difference between our vertical solar lights and all in one and all in two?

Illumination comparison

Using solar power, the street solar led lights can reach the same illuminance flux of 250W as the high-pressure sodium lamp, which greatly reduces the power consumption; while using high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury lamps, the power of the traditional street cannot be lower than 250W.

Electricity cost comparison

The electricity cost of using a 57W solar light street light in one year is only 20% of the electricity cost of using a 250W ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp in a year, which greatly saves electricity costs and is an ideal energy-saving product.

Safety performance comparison

The current high-pressure sodium lamps and mercury lamps on the market use high-voltage point poles to excite X-ray illumination, which contains harmful metals such as mercury, and harmful rays; compared with solar street lamps, street solar led lights are safe and low-voltage. They can greatly reduce the potential safety hazards during installation and use.

Environmental protection performance comparison

Ordinary street lamps contain harmful metals, and the spectrum contains harmful rays. In contrast, the solar street lights LED street lights has a pure spectrum, no infrared and ultraviolet rays, no radiation, no light pollution, and no harmful metals, and the waste can be recycled. It is a typical green lighting product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our solar lights can be integrated with many functions, including a powerful solar system that can simultaneously drive cameras, wireless base stations, signal lights, traffic lights, and wind power generation.

What if the battery runs out of power? Is there a solution?

Our solar street lights can be charged 24/7 to support the entire separate power system. Still, if extreme weather is encountered, our solar lights can help different power intensities of lighting in time slots and emit a small amount of light without people. We can even access utility power because it contains an intelligent chip that can choose to charge during peak and valley periods, saving even more on electricity bills.

Solar street light is designed according to traditional street light, which can be wiring-free, have high brightness, energy saving, have a long service life, have no maintenance, and have a remote control.

Shinetoo, as a solar light supplier, is committed to researching more efficient solar street lights that can be used for highway and street lighting and countryside paths, and the customer feedback is very good.

Solar panels are made of imported high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, and the batteries are new LifePo4 lithium batteries.

The main differences between shinetoo solar street lights are the housing, solar panel, battery, and some special features.

Yes, even if you don’t have sunlight, our system can provide power for at least 4-6 nights. We design our systems around the winter solstice, and we do this by analyzing your local climate to ensure our systems stay on during the nights when lighting is needed most.

The life expectancy of our solar panels is over 15 years, and the life expectancy of our LED lights is around ten years.

Batteries typically last 5-7 years.

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