2022 LED Tennis Court Lighting Cost Guide

Total Cost of Tennis Court Lighting Installation

The cost of tennis court LED operation is related to many factors, depending on the lighting standards referenced by the tennis court, the specifications of the floodlights, the difference between competition grade and recreational grade, the general cost of installing LED tennis court lights is approximately between $30,000 and $240,000, the cost of different geographic areas and labor costs vary, below we explain in detail all that affects tennis court LED lighting The reasons for the price.

LED Retrofit Costs for Tennis Court Lighting

Total Cost of Tennis Court Lighting Installation

Now, most of the orders are tennis court LED upgrades and conversion, the traditional lighting into an LED lighting system, is a simple and low-cost way. It will not need to re-transform the lighting infrastructure settings. Only the original traditional lamps and lanterns into LED lights can, so the cost is very low, generally again between $ 15,000 to $ 50,000. With different lighting standards, the cost is not uniform.

The conversion to LED lighting although the cost is not lower than other lighting fixtures, after the conversion to LED lighting, whether it is operating costs or bulb replacement frequency, have been reduced, and can enjoy lower electricity costs and less routine maintenance, in the long run, is to save you a lot of money, in addition, you only need to consider the labor costs and your local electricity costs can be.

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Tennis court lighting cost breakdown

Project Type,Fee Range
LED lighting for tennis courts and light poles and control systems$16,300 – $178,000
Installation of utility poles$3,800 – $25,000
Fixtures$6,300 – $26,000
Manual wiring$2,200 – $8,800
Tennis court lighting structure$1,000 – 3,500
Total cost$30,000 – $232,200

The cost of LED tennis court lighting system is affected by the reason

The total cost of an LED lighting system, either high or low, depends on the lighting standards you refer to, the different specifications of the products used, and the differences in prices and labor costs in different regions:

  • Purchase of LED lighting components

  • Removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment

  • Professional staff to design, manage and perform the overhaul of the facility, including lighting

  • Testing and certification

and the level of competition in the local tennis court; the more peers, the higher the cost.

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