Which is the best choice between integrated solar street lights and split solar street lights

Which is the best choice between integrated solar street lights and split solar street lights

According to the physical structure of the entire solar street lamp, we can divide the solar street lamps on the market into integrated lamps and split lamps. Which of these two types of lights is the best? How should we choose? I believe that after reading the characteristics of these two types of lights, we can naturally combine our own needs and choose the one that is most suitable for us.

Solar split type lamp: A split type lamp is a lamp that integrates the battery, controller, and light source into the lamp, forming an integral whole. With separate solar panels, it forms a split type. Of course, the plan for split type lamps is developed around lithium batteries, relying on their small size and lightweight advantages. Only then can it be achieved.

Advantages of split lights

1) Easy installation: As the light source and battery are pre connected to the controller before leaving the factory, the LED light only comes out with one wire, which is connected to the solar panel. Just connect the interface cable to the solar panel.

2) High cost-effectiveness: Easy installation and reduced installation labor costs.

3) There are multiple power options and a wide range of applications: With the popularity of split type lamps, various manufacturers have launched their own molds, and the options are becoming increasingly diverse, with sizes of all sizes available. So, there are also many options for the power of the light source and the size of the battery. In this way, solutions can be found in split type lights, ranging from small courtyards to rural roads, to large rural main roads, providing great convenience for the implementation of the project.

Limitations of split type lamps

Although split type lamps have gradually become the main force of solar lamps, there are inevitably some limitations inherent in the fact that everything is endless.

1) Limitations of large systems: The size of the battery compartment is already fixed when the lighting fixtures are molded, so when encountering high-power light sources and high requirements for working hours and rainy days, the battery compartment is inevitably stretched out. So it can only be supported between high-power, long working hours, and long cloudy and rainy days, requiring one or two concessions, or balancing the relationship between the three, to arrive at a relatively balanced system.

2) Limitations in high-altitude areas: Due to the fixed installation position of the lithium battery in the split type lamp and the fixed size of the battery compartment, the possibility of solving the battery temperature through underground burial in high-altitude areas is already zero. The normal operation of the system at low temperatures can only be achieved through special low-temperature batteries, but the price of low-temperature cells themselves is relatively expensive, which brings certain inconvenience to the use of split type lamps in cold regions.

Solar integrated lamp

The integrated lamp integrates the battery, controller, light source, and solar panel into the lamp. It integrates more thoroughly than split type lamps.

Advantages of integrated lighting

1) Easy installation, no wiring: The integrated lamp has already pre wired all the wires, so customers do not need to wire again, which is a great convenience for customers.

2) Convenient transportation and cost saving: All components are packed together in one cardboard box, reducing the transportation volume and saving on shipping costs.

Application of integrated lamps

1) Applicable area: Low latitude areas with excellent sunlight. Good sunlight can alleviate the problem of limited solar power, while low latitudes can solve the problem of solar panel inclination, so you will find that the vast majority of integrated lights are exported to regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

2) Place of use: Courtyards, paths, parks, residential areas, and other main roads. These small roads mainly serve pedestrians, with slow pedestrian movement and low lighting requirements. Integrated lights can effectively meet the needs of these places.

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