The advantages of choosing led court lights for sports lighting

The advantages of choosing led court lights for sports lighting

In various sports events, venue lighting fixtures are crucial as they meet the needs of athletes and the broadcasting effects of various television networks. Ordinary LED lighting fixtures cannot be used as sports lighting fixtures. Because they are not specifically designed for sports stadiums, ordinary LED lighting fixtures may experience phenomena such as light decay, uneven lighting, and blindness.

So what is the difference between ordinary LED lamps and lanterns and sports lighting?

1.Heat Dissipation

sports lighting fixtures have a strong heat dissipation system and refuse to light decay. A 500W led light and lantern will produce a lot of heat in the course of the ball game for several hours. If the heat dissipation is not good will produce a loss of materials within the lamps and lanterns, leading to light decay. The sports lighting fixtures use military phase change heat dissipation technology, which is an excellent solution to the problem of difficult heat dissipation. Ensure that the illumination level and uniformity of the 5000 hours value are constant.

2.Turn on the LED light

using intelligent light control to avoid illumination is not enough for sports lighting fixtures. As we all know, ordinary LED lamps and lanterns are no light control system. A single light design can not meet the needs of various types of stadium lighting, and sports lighting fixtures have intelligent adjustment systems through the Internet or GPRS, WIFI for the preparation of intelligent light control class stadium. Effectively avoid the phenomenon of too dark lights on the field.

the optical design of sports lighting fixtures to eliminate glare. As an essential part of the core technology for the characteristics of recreation stadium lighting, an excellent solution to glare, uneven brightness, spill light, and other problems. And ordinary LED lamps and lanterns without professional glare treatment, when used as sports lighting fixtures, will be blinding and even directly affect the game. Stadium lighting design mainly meets the needs of soccer, track and field, rugby, field hockey, and other sports. Soccer because the ball runs on the ground and in the space of 10 ~ 30m from the ground. Therefore, in a specific space height in all directions to maintain a certain brightness, the general soccer field over 15m below the light distribution space is very uniform. Most track and field competitions are conducted about 3m from the ground. The Lighting of such sports facilities is mainly to meet the requirements of the uniform distribution of light on the ground. Javelin, discus, chain ball, and other items up to 20 meters in height, the original, such projects are often not held at night. Still, now these sports are more held in the evening, and often the degree of importance is evident in the final or qualifying rounds. Therefore the venue lighting must meet the needs of such pellet job of stadium lighting design; the designer must first understand and master the stadium lighting requirements: there should be sufficient illumination and lighting uniformity, glare-free Lighting, appropriate shadow effect, the correctness of the light source chromaticity parameters, etc., the following qualitative description.

4.Uniform illumination

Color televised lighting should be the vertical illumination of the venue as the main indicator of design; venue lighting must generally meet the requirements of athletes, spectators, and cameras. To do this requires horizontal illumination, vertical illumination, and the camera’s brightness when shooting panoramic images, and it must maintain the consistency of change. Athletes, venues, and spectators between the brightness change ratio shall not exceed a certain value to adapt to the color television camera requirements.Professional stadium LED lights not only provide quality lighting effects for athletes but also provide a more comfortable and safe economic and viewing atmosphere for the audience. In stadium lighting.

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