What are the causes of LED street light decay

What are the causes of LED street light decay

Although LED street lights have advantages such as long lifespan and low energy consumption compared to traditional lighting equipment, the issue of light attenuation still troubles many users. So, what is the reason for LED street lights’ light decay? shinetoo will provide a detailed analysis of the causes of LED street light attenuation and provide you with solutions.

LED light attenuation refers to the decrease in light intensity after LED illumination, with the lower part being the light attenuation of the LED. Generally, LED packaging manufacturers conduct tests under laboratory conditions (at room temperature of 25 ℃), continuously lighting the LED with 20MA DC power for 1000 hours, and comparing the light intensity before and after turning on the light.

1、 LED chip quality

The core component of LED street lights is the LED chip, and its quality directly affects the brightness and lifespan of the light. Low quality LED chips are prone to issues such as decreased brightness and uneven luminescence. Therefore, when choosing LED street lights, it is advisable to choose LED chips from well-known brands and high-quality materials to ensure the long-term stable operation of the street lights.

2、 Poor cooling system

When LED street lights emit light, they generate heat. If the heat dissipation system is poorly designed and cannot effectively dissipate the heat, it can cause the LED temperature to be too high, thereby affecting the brightness and lifespan of the light. Therefore, a good heat dissipation design is very important. The use of all aluminum heat dissipation design, fan heat dissipation, and other methods can increase the heat dissipation effect and improve the service life of LED street lights.

3、 Drive power issue

As the core component of LED street lights, if the selected driver power supply has poor quality, it is prone to problems such as poor stability and unstable current. These issues can directly cause the brightness attenuation of LED street lights. Therefore, when purchasing LED street lights, high-quality and reliable driving power should be selected to ensure the long-term stable operation of the lights.

4、 Environmental factors

The usage environment of LED street lights can also have a certain impact on their light attenuation. For example, environments such as high temperature, high humidity, and strong acidity and alkalinity can have adverse effects on the luminous effect of LEDs, thereby reducing light decay. Therefore, when installing LED street lights, reasonable design and protection should be carried out according to the actual environment to ensure their normal operation and service life.

After the above analysis, we can conclude that the main reasons for LED street lamp light decay are LED chip quality, poor cooling system, driver power supply issues, and environmental factors. Only by solving these problems can the service life of LED street lights be extended and the luminous effect be improved.

According to the definition of LED product lifespan in the LED industry, the lifespan of an LED is the cumulative working time from the initial value to 50% of the initial value when the light disappears. This means that when the LED reaches its service life, it will still be on. However, under illumination, if the light output attenuates by 50%, no light is allowed. Generally speaking, the light attenuation of indoor lighting cannot exceed 20%, and the light attenuation of outdoor lighting cannot exceed 30%.

In short, LED street light attenuation is a complex issue that requires comprehensive consideration from multiple aspects. When selecting and installing LED street lights, we should pay attention to selecting high-quality LED chips and driver power supplies, designing a reasonable heat dissipation system, and paying attention to protecting LED lighting fixtures from harsh environments. Only in this way can we fully leverage the advantages of LED street lights and provide more stable and reliable light sources for our lighting projects.

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