LED Tennis court flood light: standard lighting for recreation and Competition

LED Tennis court flood light: standard lighting for recreation and Competition

The lighting required for tennis courts varies depending on the game standards from entertainment to professional level. Tennis court lighting must provide a uniform light distribution and provide a well lit playing field for athletes and spectators.

Lighting standards for tennis competitions

Illuminated-led tennis court lights are determined by different organizations based on the level of play on the court. These levels are often called Classes I, II, III, and IV.

Class I

Class II

Class III

Class IV




High School


Tennis Clubs

High School

Tennis Clubs



Tennis Clubs

Parks & Recreation


Parks & Recreation





Parks & Recreation


First category: International and domestic

  • International/Professional High level — 450 Lux
  • To provide top-level competitive competition for large audiences
  • Facilities generally include televised tennis matches, such as the US Open, Wimbledon, etc.

Category two: club games and business

  • Medium level by club standards — 350 lux
  •  Intermediate competition, high-level training, average viewing distance
  • May include university facilities primarily for intercollegiate or recreational activities

Category 3: Recreation and residential

  • Lower-level games or casual games — 250 lux
  • Low-level competition, local, general training, school team, or recreational activities

Category four: Entertainment

  • The lowest level of the game
  • Facilities such as parks are strictly used for recreation

Lighting Requirements for Tennis Professional Championships

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) requires lighting standards for professional tournaments and divides the requirements into the World Tour and the Challenger Tour.

  • ATP World Tour: For the World Tour, lighting must be evenly distributed on the court with a minimum intensity of 100 feet of candlelight (approximately 1,076 lux). For televised games, the minimum lighting level should average about 285 feet of candlelight (about 3,067 lux).
  • ATP Challenger Tour: For the Challenger Tour, lighting must be evenly distributed on the court, with a minimum light intensity of 70 feet of candlelight (approximately 750 lux).
  • Light POLE INSTALLATION: According to the ATP, all light poles should be installed to distribute the light around the court evenly. Installation height shall not be lower than 40′ or any other non-display light in the facility. For example, if other non-performance venues are 60 feet tall, all upgraded light fixtures should also be 60 feet tall.

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