How to retrofit a football stadium with LEDs instead of metal halide

How to use LED lights instead of metal halide lights to transform a football field

What is football pitch lighting?

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Europe, North and South America, and even Asia, where it is a great sport and an honor sport. In football matches, lighting is very important. This affects the comfort of the audience watching the ball in the stands, the players’ ability to judge the football, and the visual stability. For video shooting, especially 4K real-time live streaming, it is also the most important factor. Football LED lighting equipment has gradually switched to LED lighting in recent years, which is very bright and widely used. All these lighting problems in football fields can be solved.

Whether in the European and American markets or Asia, LED lighting has become the preferred lighting for football matches, and its popularity is increasing. More and more football fields and other sports venues are replacing metal halide lights.

football led lights

Why use LED lighting in football stadiums?

Because LED lighting can solve the vast majority of problems, the main one is to solve the problem of the athletes’ line of sight, in the football field under LED lighting, the athletes can see the football field anywhere and can easily observe the direction of the football and are very bright, and has enough light to keep the whole football field bright from beginning to end, as well as the spectators’ line of sight has been thorough.

LED lighting is such an advantage that many people have recognized it, both investors in the stadium and the players and spectators, who have recognized and praised the renovated LED-lit football stadium.

The advantages of using LED stadium lighting

1: LED lighting in football stadiums can reduce the radiation to athletes and spectators because there is no UV radiation in LED lighting, which is a natural advantage compared to metal halide lamps.

2: LED lighting 500W produces three times more lumens than 1500W metal halide lamps. This is because LED lights have an electrical conversion rate of 90% and make only a minimal amount of heat, which benefits the environment and global warming.

3: It can reduce a lot of costs, such as lighting maintenance costs, frequent bulb replacement, and the electricity bill because the high electrical energy conversion rate so saves points, and LED lights can effectively prevent damage from bad weather.

4: Enhance the experience of movement, which is an absolute advantage because LED lights have horizontal lighting and uniform irradiation, are incredibly bright and do not flicker.

5: Because LED lighting is brighter and there is no strobe, football pitches with LED lighting can cater to live 4K TV broadcasts and webcasts, which can have an ultra-clear experience, and The audience will be increasing.

What are metal halide lamp lights?

The metal halide lamp was a hot market in the old days because of its low price and but it had a lot of drawbacks. It emits a lot of radiation and releases a lot of energy. Because of its inefficiency in converting electricity to light, it had to face market obsolescence, and in recent years, it was gradually phased out by LED lighting.

If the same lamp wants to produce 60,000 lumens, you must use up to 1500W of light if you use metal halide. Then if you use LED lighting, you only need 500W. You can get the same effect because the same need to produce 60,000 lumens, LED lighting because of its high conversion efficiency, and can save a lot of money on electricity.

Replacing old metal halides with LED lighting is an easy task. Remove the previous metal halide lamp and leave the basic setup available. After using LED lighting, there is no need to change the bulb often. It works up to 50,000 hours, is durable, easy to maintain, and has low running costs. The replacement does not require the installation of other new systems, and more and more stadiums and universities are now replacing their LED lighting, which makes the LED lighting market even more significant, plus the price is not high. Future costs are low, so there are only benefits and no downsides.

What you need to know before retrofitting/replacing

Replacing metal halide lamps with LED lighting is a great thing,But before installing the replacement, you have to know some things to look out for in LED lighting to prevent the installation process from going wrong when the time comes, and you can avoid these mistakes in advance.

Problems to be avoided before replacing metal halide lamps with LED lighting.

If you decide to replace the original metal halide lamp, must consider the load-bearing capacity of the pole, as LED lights will be heavier than metal halide, and also consider the aspects of the sail area related to wind resistance.

To design the lighting, get the help of an LED lighting company to select the right LED lighting, use advanced software to simulate the lighting and choose to the right configuration so as to avoid excess light and cost.

LED lights are, in the vast majority of cases, mounted horizontally.

It is important to have good control of light spillage, otherwise it will affect the neighbourhood.

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