2022 guide to soccer&football field LED floodlights

2022 guide to soccer&football field LED floodlights

The football field is a huge outdoor spatial structure. So, LED lights need to carry the lighting effect of the entire stadium, not only for displaying matches, but also providing stable lighting for football players. Therefore, the stability and brightness of the light are crucial, and there should be no excessive glare.

Some players on the football field often encounter some mistakes. Part of the reason is lighting glare issues, or a certain area is too dark to make a correct judgment. The lighting environment of a football field can affect the state of the game and athletes, so the selection of lighting for the football field is crucial.

Many football field operators choose Shinetoo LED lighting products with professional lighting design to provide players, fans, and stadium managers with a more comfortable stadium environment. People are increasingly fond of football fields, and business is thriving. Safety and lighting comfort have increased, attracting a large number of football enthusiasts to watch the game and increasing the operating revenue of the stadium.

The role of LED lights in soccer stadiums

The following are the main reasons for the popularity of LED lights on football fields.

football led lights

Reduce costs and extend service life

Soccer stadiums using LED lighting have been famous around the world, mainly because it can increase the lighting effect as well as extend the service life, from the original 10,000-20,000 hours of life extended to 50,000 hours of rated life, but also the old traditional HID more than three times. The energy conversion rate is exceptionally high and can reduce energy consumption by more than 89%. Because LED lighting can emit more light and provide efficient and stable light output, it can also withstand harsh weather conditions, saving many maintenance costs.

No harm to people

LED lighting is both environmentally friendly, and carpet is a great advantage. Its electrical energy conversion rate is very high, only releases a minimal amount of heat, and does not produce any ultraviolet radiation or other harmful components. At the same time, traditional lighting will be 95% of the electricity into warmth. Most contain dangerous ingredients, such as mercury and ultraviolet radiation, and spectators and athletes will be exposed to these harmful substances for a long game or watching the game Then. LED has the absolute advantage that LED lighting is very safe.ff

Suitable for 4K live broadcast

If the use of metal halide lamps, which can not complete the entire scene in high-definition filming and 4K real-time picture dissemination, so to provide the audience with a good lighting environment for filming, providing more light sources for the audience and athletes is delighted, so that what must use LED lighting to achieve these functions, LED lighting will not flicker and maintain brightness while suppressing light, but also to shoot better quality The slow-motion playback, so that the use of LED photos is also a significant trend.

Reliable soccer field lights 

LED lighting is one of the most critical components of a soccer stadium, significantly advancing the game experience, and retrofitting existing stadium lighting with LED lighting is an efficient alternative. Because who can utilize the existing infrastructure and only the lights need to be replaced, with our shinetoo-led lighting, you can choose from various wattage and lumen fixtures and equip you with professional engineers to customize your lighting design plan. Our LED floodlights have anti-glare technology and an asymmetrical design, CRI>70, CCT5700K, using Meanwell’s driver, and NICHIA’s LED light source; various parameters can be customized, the use of die-cast aluminum heat dissipation materials to speed up the heat transfer, as well as a more robust shell, in harsh environments can still operate normally.

IP Wind and Water Resistant

Soccer stadiums are not available indoors like other sports, so the requirements for LED lighting in soccer stadiums can be more stringent, requiring an IP67 waterproof rating, higher standards for humidity and water resistance, and our shinetoo LED lighting is more robust and durable than any other LED lighting in general.

Shinetoo is a LED lighting manufacturer established in 2008, specializing in the production of sports floodlights, and solar lighting, with a professional design and R & D team to escort your project, product quality, and customer service as the center to do the world’s leading LED lighting production group, in your project, we SHINETOO will provide you with quality service, is the best choice.

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