How to extend the service life of solar street lights

How to extend the service life of solar street lights

The service life of solar street light mainly depends on their accessories, including solar panels, controllers, batteries, light sources, and lamp poles. Different accessories have different service lives, with the shortest being batteries. Currently, lithium batteries have a service life of over 5 years, while solar street lights generally have a service life of 5-8 years. However, they can still be used after replacing the batteries. To extend the lifespan of solar street lights, the key is to focus on accessories. Let’s learn about the lifespan of solar street lights and how to extend their lifespan.

What is the lifespan of solar street lights

As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving street light, the lifespan of solar street lights is of great concern. So how long can solar street lights last?

Generally speaking, the lifespan of solar street lights is related to their accessories. The accessories of solar street lights mainly consist of solar panels, controllers, batteries, light sources, and lamp poles, and the lifespan of different accessories may vary:

1. The service life of solar panels is over 20 years, and after 20 years, solar panels only have a certain degree of light decay (about 30% or more), but they can still be used.

2. Then there is the controller, with a general service life of around 8-10 years, depending on the electronic components and usage environment inside.

3. Next is the battery. In the past, solar street lights usually used lead-acid gel batteries, which have a lifespan of about 3 years. Generally, lead-acid batteries that are approaching their lifespan may age very severely, with a capacity that cannot reach even 10% of the basic capacity, and cannot basically meet the lighting needs. Nowadays, most of the batteries used are lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have better resistance to high and low temperatures than lead-acid colloidal batteries, and have more cycles than lead-acid colloidal batteries. Deep discharge can reach over 2000 times, so the service life of lithium batteries can be more than 5 years.

4. In terms of light sources, current solar street lights use LED light sources, and good LED light sources can have a lifespan of over 11 years.

5. The service life of lamp poles is relatively long. If hot-dip galvanized and rust prevention measures are taken, the service life can be more than 20 years.

In summary, the main factor restricting the lifespan of solar street lights is the battery. Under normal circumstances, the lifespan of solar street lights is generally 5-8 years, but most accessories can be used normally, and only the battery needs to be replaced.

How to extend the service life of solar street lights

Solar energy is a green and renewable energy source, and it is also relatively energy-saving. Nowadays, many places use solar street lights. The lifespan of solar street lamps is limited, and to extend their lifespan, the following points should be noted:

1. Select high-quality solar panels

The main function of solar panels is to collect light sources and convert light energy into electrical energy. The lifespan of solar panels produced by reputable manufacturers is relatively long. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to purchasing products with guaranteed quality.

2. Choose a light source with good heat dissipation

There are two positions for solar street lights to dissipate heat, one is the lamp holder, and the other is the battery. Solar street lights generally use LED light holders, and we should purchase lamps with good heat dissipation function to extend the service life of LED light beads.

3. Choose high-quality batteries

The battery is the strong backing of solar street lights, and if the battery life is not long, then the service life of solar street lights will not be very long. Generally speaking, the best heat dissipation effect is the lithium battery with an aluminum magnesium alloy shell, which has a long lifespan, fast heat dissipation, and guaranteed quality.

4. Choose a suitable solar street light controller

The solar street light controller is the central nervous system in the solar lighting system, responsible for coordinating the work of solar panels, lithium batteries, and loads. It is a key component of the solar street lighting system. We must not seek cheap options to choose low-cost controllers. It is recommended to choose a reputable manufacturer and purchase controllers with qualified certificates.

5. Process treatment of lamp poles

Solar street lights mainly rely on lamp poles for support, and the service life of the lamp poles completely depends on the type of galvanizing used. Cold galvanized lamp poles may rust after 1-2 months of outdoor use, and there are certain safety hazards after long-term use; Good solar street light poles are Hot-dip galvanization, with a service life of up to 20 years.

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