How to Design Park Landscape Lighting?

How to Design Park Landscape Lighting?

Parks are public places for people’s leisure and entertainment at night, and their safety and nighttime travel experience are very important parts. Therefore, a good park lighting design not only needs to illuminate the park, but also needs to be designed according to the characteristics of the park to create a nighttime atmosphere in the park. There are many scenic spots in the park including, flowers, plants, trees, statues, rockeries, lakes, etc. Different landscapes should exhibit their own characteristics and be coordinated with the overall park style. The lighting effect of scenery is achieved through the lighting design of lamps. There are various types of lamps, and their shapes, characteristics, and functions are also different. In the process of designing park landscape lighting, we need to choose appropriate lamps based on the desired effect of landscape lighting.

How to Design Park Landscape Lighting?

1. Clarify the theme and style of the park. Do not set up lighting fixtures in a general manner, but combine the characteristics of the park’s garden landscape. By comparing the strength and weakness of landscape lighting, hidden and visible lighting, and virtual and real lighting, create a clear and hierarchical lighting design plan, and layout lighting fixtures based on the principle of best reflecting the landscape effect under the lighting, highlighting the characteristics, and making the night scene of the park more orderly and distinctive.

2. The direction and color temperature of lighting should be based on increasing the atmosphere of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Plants exhibit different colors when illuminated by different light colors. White light can naturally express the natural color of plants, making people feel clear and distinct, reflecting the sense of hierarchy of plants. However, high-pressure sodium lamps are better used for yellow plants that need to highlight the color sensation. Do not only pursue brightness, but also brighten everything.

3. Pay attention to issues such as reflection in the lighting of water surfaces and waterscape landscapes. The park’s water features include open water areas, fountains, streams, artificial pools, and waterfalls. The lighting design of the water landscape mainly involves beautifying the water surface, reflecting the water surface through the lighting of the railings and trees on the shore. The real scene and reflections in the water complement each other. At the same time, personnel protection and lighting in dangerous areas involving water should be done well to avoid accidental entry and falling into the water. For waterfront areas, adequate protective measures such as guardrails should be taken.

4. Park lighting fixtures should consider their service life and maintainability. As a public facility, the convenience of the service life and maintainability of lighting fixtures is crucial for the operation cost of the park, and their high safety also provides safety guarantees for visitors.

Common lighting fixtures for park landscape lighting

1. Lawn lights

Lawn lights have a variety of shapes and styles, are easy to install, and have strong decorative properties. They are not only used for lighting the lawn and surrounding green spaces in the park, but also for lighting various types of parking lots in landscape squares, pedestrian streets, and parks.

2. Road lights

Road lights are installed on garden roads to provide lighting for tourists and vehicles at night. At present, the commonly used road lamps include incandescent lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, low-pressure sodium lamp, Induction lamp, metal halide lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc. In the garden, street lights, courtyard lights, and landscape lights form a three-dimensional lighting mode to enhance the road landscape and beautify the night view of the garden.

3. Landscape lights

Landscape lighting in gardens can be designed and set according to the environment and atmosphere of the garden. By utilizing the shape, color, and brightness of lighting fixtures to create the scenery, the aim is to improve the viewing effect and render the atmosphere. Red lanterns can bring a festive atmosphere to garden squares and important festivals. Green landscape design lights can add color to water features, waterfalls, and ponds. Landscape lights are mainly used in large squares, public green spaces, and large scenic spots in gardens.

4. Courtyard lights

Courtyard lights are widely used in ancient and modern buildings, grass houses, flower houses, etc. in park landscapes. Courtyard lights come in various shapes and can also be installed and used on lawns and green spaces.

5. Spotlights

The projection effect of spotlights varies greatly. Light shining on objects that need to be emphasized can achieve an artistic effect that highlights the key points, has a unique environment, is rich in layers, and sets off the theme. There are various types of spotlights with a wide range of uses, which can be used for plant lighting, garden squares, sculptures, and other small indoor items.

6. underground lights

The material of underground lights is basically stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, with strong water seepage resistance and good heat dissipation performance. silicone sealing ring, waterproof, high temperature resistant, anti-aging. High strength tempered glass, strong transparency, wide light radiation surface, and strong load-bearing capacity. underground lights are mostly suitable for lawns, green spaces, water features, steps, and park roads.

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