LED Vertical Solar Street Light-Aphrodite-Black

LED Vertical Solar Street Light-Aphrodite-Black

This LED Vertical Solar Street Light adopts a two in one solar light holder, which does not require replacing the lamp pole, digging holes on the ground to install batteries, or fixing the battery box on the lamp pole. It greatly reduces the labor cost and pole cost of street lamp installation, and the panels in vertical solar street lamps have greater expansion space. It will not cause serious risks during harsh weather conditions.This LED Vertical Solar Street Light have Rugged aluminum casing,Low temperature charging protection function.It can know the remaining capacity and charging and discharging state of the battery.You can turn the light on and off remotely. You can choose time and space or light control.100% SOLAR POWER SUPPLY,100% SELF SUFFICIENT,No cabling and AC-grid requiredSolar yield,Lifetime More than 10 years.this Vertical solar led street light which can be used for lighting in urban squares, parking lots, school playgrounds, worker green spaces, and parks Road and street lighting in rural, township and other peripheral areas,Our products support custom production.

Product features

  • MODEL NUMBER:ST-PV160-Hera/Hera Plus
  • Solar technology:Monocrystalline silicon solar cells
  • Dimension:1500mm×216mm×216mm
  • Operating temperature:-30℃ ~ +70℃
  • Lifetime:More than 10 years

SHINETOO LED lighting manufacturer, with a professional R&D team and service team, supports OEM and ODM and other customised services.


This LED Vertical Solar Street Light can know the remaining capacity and charging and discharging state of the battery of each lamp remotely.It adopts the cylindrical solar modules as a revolutionary design.This solar cylindrical module is based on a modular design concept and is easy to install and disassemble. It can be quickly and conveniently installed on any suitable rod.

You can turn the light on and off remotely. You can choose time and space or light control.100% solar power suppy 100% self sufficient ,Rugged aluminum casing,No cabling and AC-grid requiredSolar yield.

This LED Vertical Solar Street Light Smart control systems for solar street lights are advanced technologies that allow for remote monitoring and control of the lights. These systems use various sensors and control devices to optimize the performance of the solar street lights and reduce energy consumption.

Charging performance

Four stages of charging: MPPT, strong chargingbalanced charging, floating charging.Lithium battery protection plate can be automaticallyactivated after protection. Overvoltage protection and overvoltage
recoveryvoltage of lithium battery can be set. Low temperature charging protection function oflithium battery, which can be stopped or slow
chargingwhen the ambient temperature is below zero. Lithium battery pack transport mode, load off intransit, 1 second after installation activation.Through the remote control with LCD screen.
Excellent EMC and heat dissipation design. Full electronic protection.
Rugged aluminum casing, waterproof rating upto IP67

Shinetoo LED Vertical Solar Street Light VS Traditional Solar LED Street Light

Higher conversion efficiency: Vertical solar street lights have a higher conversion efficiency due to the vertical placement of solar panels, which allows the panels to capture sunlight throughout the day regardless of the position of the sun. This leads to a higher power output and longer lighting time.

More flexible design: Vertical solar street lights have a more flexible design than traditional solar street lights. They can be designed to fit in smaller spaces and can be used in locations with limited sun exposure.

Better wind resistance: Vertical solar street lights have a better wind resistance due to their unique design. They are more stable in windy conditions, which reduces the risk of damage to the lights and improves safety

Vertical Solar Pole LED Street Lighting System completely overturns the traditional street-lights using flat solar panels on the top, Such vertical solar led street light using solar module achieves a better aesthetic design as well as excellent performance in wind resistance.
Based on polygonal structure, solar panel can be easily mounted on the aluminum, HDG pole. widely lumen range is available for different project requirement.
Vertical solar LED street light pole is an great innovation with latest technology. It adopts the vertical solar modules by surrounding the pole instead of regular solar panel installed on top. Comparing with traditional solar led street light, it has a very cosmetic appearance in the same look as traditional street light.

Smart solar solutions are rapidly growing in demand across the world. In remote off-grid areas such as deserts and jungles, such systems represent the only viable solution to lighting needs. In modern cities, smart solar LED street lights are embraced as the technology of the future that combines environmental, economical, and smart-control benefits. Regulators in Middle East, Europe, and North America are pushing for the adoption of innovative solar technologies, and will continue to do so with increasing pressure.This vertical solar light has less dust on the surface than regular solar lamps. Workers can easily stand on the ground and clean it with a long handled brush, without the need for elevators and with low maintenance costs.


MODEL NUMBERST-PV160-Aphrodite/Aphrodite Plus
Solar technologyMonocrystalline silicon solar cells
Operating temperature-30℃ ~ +70℃
Suitable for light pole diameter60-114mm
Cell typeSunpower
Cell efficiency>22%
Front sheet materialborosilicate glass
LifetimeMore than 10 years

all LED Vertical Solar Street Light​

certification show

As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on

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Production Process

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A tennis court in a club used for championship or professional matches; Using 8 lights, 60,000 lumens. Because LED lamps are much more efficient than metal halide lamps, far fewer wattages are needed to achieve this brightness.

Tennis organization lighting requirements for professional players
For televised games, the minimum lighting level should average about 285 feet.”

It only takes a few seconds to go from light to light.

Relatively speaking, LED lighting completely outperforms metal halide lamps in terms of longevity, power saving, no UV radiation, IP65 and IP66, IK08 and IK10.
Many tennis courts are now in the process of replacing LED lights from metal halide, the sooner you replace them the sooner you benefit, not only do you get brighter lights and they last up to 50,000 hours and are very energy efficient and reduce maintenance costs, LED lights are a very good choice now and in the future.

Recreational tennis court (size is 36*18m), 6 x 6m high poles, using 6 x 300W LED lights. 2 recreational tennis courts, using 12 x 9m high LED poles, using 8 x 300W LED lights per tennis court, for a total of 16 x 300W LED lights.

The general installation height should be no less than 40 feet and no lower than the other lights in the facility.

According to our years of experience in the design of LED lighting, tennis courts with LED lights, generally using 300-500W wattage, can replace metal halide lamps wattage is 800W-1500W, can save a lot of electricity.

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