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What kind of lights are used on tennis courts?

The Tennis court is a public recreation project. Tennis has high requirements for lighting, while players and spectators also have high requirements for lighting. To achieve good clarity and the clarity of light so that athletes can play in a more comfortable light, we recommend using shinetoo 300W led flood lights.

300w led flood light


Advantages of using shinetoo 300W LED lights

He can provide a good light layout for tennis courts, can improve the uniformity of light so that the entire field, without dark places, can be visible, in our many cases to support the choice of 300W LED lights, can save electricity, only need 6 poles is enough to light a 29 feet tennis court.

Our products have anti-glare, asymmetric design, can be designed to IP65 or IP66, CRI>70, and up to 7 years of warranty service. If you have special needs or customer service is available, please contact us.

We also have a professional LED lighting design team at SHINETOO to design and plan the tennis court lighting effect design for you for free.

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As the top manufacturer of LED flood lights in China, our LED flood lamps have complete certification and test reporting, such as ENEC, CE, CB, IECEE, SAA, ROHS, UL, IEC62471, LM80, LM79, and so on

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