Tennis court LED lighting lumens and buying luminaires

What is tennis court lighting?

Tennis courts are world famous for 1v1 or 2v2 matches, which are held in a relatively large venue. Generally, it is the most lively time for tennis courts at night, so they need sufficient high-quality lighting equipment to support the lighting effect. Good lighting can bring a better lighting effect, attracting more people and making the operator gain more revenue.

What does lumen mean?

Generally, the brighter the tennis court lighting, the higher the lumens. Lumens is a unit of luminous flux (lumen) used to measure the light emitted by floodlights, lumens meet the standard to make the tennis court bright and clear, but too high lumens may be too high in cost.

tennis court

What factors contribute to the lumens required for tennis court lighting?x

  1. Standard size of tennis court
  2. Tennis court playing level
  3. Height of light poles
  4. Number of light poles
  5. Number of tennis courts
  6. Stadium ceiling height

How many lux is required for the playing level of a tennis court?

The playing level of a tennis court is 1, 2, and 3.

As the level of play on a tennis court increases, the lighting needs to be at a higher lumen level. Outdoor tennis courts require 500lux for level 1, 300lux for level 2, and 200lux for level 3. Level 1 is used for major tournaments or international league matches, level 2 for medium-sized tennis clubs or universities, and level 3 for recreational tennis courts or small tennis clubs and residential areas.

How many lumens does a tennis court need?

For a typical tennis club or university tennis court, we need approximately 180,000 lumens of light, a tennis court area is 600m², and the lux generated by these lumens is 300. There is also an overflow of lumens to be considered, around 10% to 20%, so the factors of led tennis lights to reduce the flood is worthwhile.

Formula:600m² x 300lux = 180,000 lumens.

For a professional match court, roughly 300,000 lumens are required, and the LED lights on the tennis court would need to produce 500lux to meet the demands of the match.

For a recreational tennis court, the lumens required are 120,000 lumens, and 200lux is needed to meet the appropriate competition standard.

How many lights are required for a tennis court?

There are two layouts for outdoor tennis court lighting, like the competition level, one consisting of 4 poles requiring eight lights and the other six poles with 12 leading lights.

For a 4-hole layout with eight lamps, 300,000 lumens are required, and each light needs to emit 37,500 lumens, equivalent to 300W LED light, so 8 x 300W tennis court LED floodlights are needed.

For a 6-hole layout with 12 lamps, 300,000 lumens are required, and each light needs to emit 25,000 lumens, equivalent to 200W LED light, so 12 x 200W tennis court LED floodlights are needed.

We at shinetoo have been manufacturing tennis court LED lights for 14 years, and we can offer a free tennis court LED lighting design and a free consultation service.

the height of the light from the ground

the height of the tennis court pole

There is also a strong correlation between the height of the tennis court pole and the lumens required. If the pole is too high, a little lumen will be wasted, and a little more lumen will be necessary. If 120,000 lumens are required, then this needs to be increased to 130,000 lumens because as the height goes up, the dust and particles in the air will cause the light to recede and scatter as the beam travels through the air.

Interior ceiling height

Indoor ceiling lighting is typically 10-15 meters in height. If this is too high, then lumen loss needs to be considered, so a 20% increase in lumens needs to be considered.

Number of light poles

In the actual irradiation site of the tennis court, the range of the irradiated area of the beam is taken into account, as well as the distance the beam travels, which is adjusted according to the number of light poles to maintain a better irradiation effect.

Generally, six poles or four poles. If there are four poles, then increase the lumens.

LED lighting design

The lumens of tennis court lighting is closely related to the environment. There are many factors affecting the lumens of tennis court lighting. According to the standard of tennis courts, the height of the poles, and the wattage, we have to use the lighting software DIALux to simulate the lighting and calculate how many lumens are needed, which will be more accurate. We at shinetoo lightings are happy to provide this service free of charge.

How many watts of LED light should I choose?

Tennis courts at the tournament level require over 300,000 lumens of light. A layout based on 4 or 6 poles would need 8 or 12 lights.

If you choose a 4-rod, you can select a 300w led light.

The G1S2 300w led flood light from shinetoo has NICHIA chips, Meanwell driver, CCT:5700K, and LUMEN of 39,000LM and is suitable for tennis court LED lighting.

If you choose the six poles, you can select the 200w led flood light.

You can choose the shinetoo G1S1 200w led flood light. Its chips are NICHIA, the driver is Meanwell, CCT:5700K, and LUMEN is 26,000LM, suitable for tennis court LED lighting.

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