What is the best light for tennis court lighting

What is the best light for tennis court lighting

As a high brightness, energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting fixture, LED lights have been widely used in various indoor and outdoor places. Among them, as a place that needs to ensure sufficient lighting, using LED lights on the tennis court is a good choice. So, what types of LED lights are suitable for use on tennis courts? Next, let’s analyze in detail.

Firstly, we need to understand the classification of LED lights. According to its light color, it can be divided into two categories: white light and colored light; According to power, it can be divided into two categories: high power and low power; According to their appearance, they can be divided into two categories: lamp beads and lamp tubes. Different types of LED lamps are suitable for different occasions and environments.

For larger venues like tennis courts, we need to choose high-power LED lighting fixtures to ensure their illumination level. High power LED lamps not only meet strong lighting needs, but also have advantages such as long lifespan, high brightness, and low energy consumption. In addition, high-power LED lamps have very high stability, good seismic resistance and waterproof performance, and can work stably in harsh weather environments, making them very suitable for outdoor places such as tennis courts.

Secondly, we need to consider parameters such as color temperature and brightness of LED lights. Color temperature refers to the color of the light emitted by a light source, which is generally divided into three categories: warm white, natural white, and cold white. The tennis court needs to choose a cold white light source with a higher light color temperature to ensure the illumination level while not affecting the athlete’s line of sight. At the same time, the brightness also needs to meet the requirements.

How many watts of LED light should I choose?

Tennis courts at the tournament level require over 300,000 lumens of light. A layout based on 4 or 6 poles would need 8 or 12 lights.

If you choose a 4-rod, you can select a 300w led light.

The G1S2 300w led flood light from shinetoo has NICHIA chips, Meanwell driver, CCT:5700K, and LUMEN of 39,000LM and is suitable for tennis court LED lighting.

If you choose the six poles, you can select the 200w led flood light.

You can choose the shinetoo G1S1 200w led flood light. Its chips are NICHIA, the driver is Meanwell, CCT:5700K, and LUMEN is 26,000LM, suitable for tennis court LED lighting.

Finally, we need to consider the installation method of LED lights. The LED lighting fixtures of the tennis court need to be installed at an appropriate height and angle to ensure uniform lighting area and intensity. Generally speaking, the installation height of lighting fixtures should be above 6 meters, and the angle should be about 30 degrees downward to ensure uniform lighting area without affecting the competition.

In summary, high-power, cold white light sources, and LED lamps with a brightness of around 300LUX are very suitable for use on tennis courts. Of course, when purchasing and installing LED lamps, we also need to consider parameters such as rated power, light efficiency, and driving mode, and choose reputable and capable LED lamp manufacturers for procurement.

In summary, when choosing lighting fixtures for tennis courts, multiple factors need to be considered comprehensively. For tennis courts that pursue high lighting efficiency and energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lighting fixtures are often the best choice. LED lighting fixtures have high brightness and excellent beam control capabilities, which can provide high-quality lighting effects for tennis courts. Meanwhile, LED lighting fixtures have high energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low environmental pollution, which will bring considerable economic and environmental benefits to the operation and maintenance of tennis courts.

When selecting LED lighting fixtures, we also need to consider the installation location and quantity of the fixtures to ensure uniform and consistent lighting effects throughout the entire stadium. According to the specific situation of the tennis court, we can use LED lights of different forms and powers, such as floodlights, wall washing lights, etc. At the same time, ensure that LED lighting fixtures have waterproof, dustproof, seismic and other functions to adapt to changes in the outdoor environment and uncontrollable factors.

In summary, selecting appropriate lighting fixtures is crucial for the lighting effect of the tennis court. Among numerous lamps, LED lamps have become the best choice due to their high lighting effect, low energy consumption, long lifespan, and environmental protection. Through reasonable installation and layout, we can provide high-quality lighting effects for the tennis court and bring a better experience to players and spectators.

We at shinetoo have been manufacturing tennis court LED lights for 14 years, and we can offer a free tennis court LED lighting design and a free consultation service.

what are the advantages of our led floodlights?

  1. good lighting performance: high lighting brightness, large coverage area, lighting near and far.
  2. long service life: using imported lamp beads, service life of more than 50,000 hours.
  3. Anti-glare design: effective control of glare, spill light, reduce light pollution.
  4. Good protection performance of lamps and lanterns: the overall use of high-quality alloy materials cold calcined one-piece forming process, compact structure, stable performance, can work normally in a variety of harsh environments and climate conditions.

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