What are the principles and advantages of solar powered lawn lights?

What are the principles and advantages of solar powered lawn lights?

Solar powered lamps are becoming more and more common, with many characteristics and various types. Today, we will talk about solar lawn lamps. Below, the editor of the spectrum will take you to learn about solar lawn lamps.

The solar lawn lamp is an independent solar power generation system. It can independently convert solar energy into electrical energy and convert electrical energy into thermal energy for lighting and decoration purposes without the need for wire transmission. Even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can collect and store solar energy. Its main system components include photovoltaic power generation system and power supply system.

Photovoltaic system

An independent photovoltaic system generally consists of three parts: solar cell modules; Power electronic equipment such as charging and discharging controllers, inverters, testing instruments, and computer monitoring, as well as batteries or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.

Photovoltaic power generation systems have the following characteristics: no rotating components, no noise generation; No air pollution, no discharge of wastewater; No combustion process, no fuel required; Simple maintenance and low maintenance costs; Good operational reliability and stability; It is easy to expand the power generation scale according to needs.

power supply system

The solar lawn lamp is a small solar powered system. Its structure is very simple, mainly composed of solar panels, charge and discharge controllers, batteries, lighting circuits, and lamp poles.

The advantages of solar powered lawn lights

1. Strong brightness

The LED light source of solar lawn lamps is very abundant, and most of them are high-power.

2. Guaranteed quality

The materials of solar lawn lamps are different from ordinary solar lamps. The materials are generally corrosion-resistant and anti-aging durable materials, and the production equipment is also specific. The products have been strictly tested before leaving the factory, and the stability and quality of each solar lawn lamp can be guaranteed.

3. Long usage time

The battery module of the solar lawn lamp can be used for about 20 years, and the service life of the lamp can also reach over 20 years.

4. Energy conservation

The solar lawn lamp uses a high-power crystalline silicon material battery pack to provide energy for the lamp, which is also effectively combined with the solar panel. It uses a fully enclosed and maintenance-free battery, which can achieve good conversion between them. The LED tube emits light to the greatest extent possible, saving energy. It can stay on for 7-30 days even in rainy or cloudy days, during which no other energy is needed.

5. Automatic control

The solar lawn lamp is equipped with a solar light sensing controller, which controls the lighting and extinguishing of the lawn lamp through sound and light. On nights with fewer pedestrians, the solar lawn lamp automatically reduces the output power of the light source to achieve the goal of saving electricity.

6. High security

Solar lawn lights are low-voltage products that use DC 12V or 24V power supply, safe and harmless, and provide effective protection for young children, pedestrians, and animals. The lamp body adopts a high-strength structural design, with high wind and external force resistance.

7. Easy installation

Easy installation, independent power supply, no need to install or embed transmission lines, simple construction, and low construction cost.

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