Several points to pay attention to when purchasing solar street lights

Several points to pay attention to when purchasing solar street lights

Don’t just look at the price, cheap doesn’t mean cost-effective

People all want to buy the cheapest product, but the cheapest one does not necessarily mean the most cost-effective, and it depends on the effect and lifespan. For example, a $300 Solar street lights has a 10-year lifespan, with an average annual cost equivalent to $30. A $100 Solar street lights only has a half year lifespan, with an average annual cost equivalent to $200. There is also a waste of time and energy, which is actually not cost-effective

Local temperature, latitude

The maximum ambient temperature for charging and discharging of Lithium iron phosphate battery is 65 ℃

The maximum charging and discharging ambient temperature of ternary lithium batteries is 50 degrees Celsius

The maximum temperature of solar panels in summer can reach 90 degrees Celsius

So if you are in a hot region, such as Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, you can only use the lithium iron phosphate battery,Ternary lithium batteries are prone to ignition. Moreover, the heat dissipation performance of the lighting fixtures must be good, and the solar panels should not come into direct contact with the battery.

If you are located at a latitude greater than 15 degrees, there will be a tilt angle of more than 15 degrees between the sunlight and the ground. Try to consider solar street lights with adjustable solar panel angles, and do not install solar street lights on both sides of the road with solar panels facing away from the sunlight.

Heat dissipation performance of lighting fixtures

For every 10 degrees increase in the PN junction temperature of LED chips, the lifespan of semiconductor devices decreases exponentially. It can be said that heat dissipation is an important guarantee for the lifespan and quality of LED street lights. In this regard, defective manufacturers mainly adopt methods of cutting corners to reduce costs, and this hazard cannot be detected at the beginning of use, usually after a period of use.

The rise of temperature has an impact on the calendar life and cycle life of lithium batteries. The impact of temperature on the life of lithium batteries conforms to the Arrhenius equation. When the temperature of lithium batteries rises, the reaction speed is accelerated. Relevant research shows that the degradation speed of lithium batteries increases by twice every 10 ℃ rise in temperature. When the remaining capacity of the same battery cell is 90%, the output capacity at 25 ℃ is 300kWh, while the output capacity at 35 ℃ is only 163kWh. When the temperature rises by 10 ℃, the cycle life of the battery cell decreases by nearly 50%. It can be seen that temperature has a significant impact on the cycle life of lithium batteries. Therefore, during the use of batteries, it is important to avoid long-term use under high temperature conditions, especially to avoid high rate charging and discharging cycles of lithium batteries under high temperature conditions. This is also a major reason why batteries must undergo temperature control.

So it is important to consider the heat dissipation performance of the lighting fixtures. Solar panels are very hot when exposed to the sun, and they must not be adjacent to batteries or LED light sources

4 types of lithium batteries

The usable capacity of the battery

A deep charge and discharge will consume the capacity of the battery, so in order to protect the battery, the battery’s charge is generally not reduced to the minimum. The proportion of electricity stored in batteries of different qualities varies, such as

Lead acid batteries must retain 50% of their capacity, so the discharge depth is 50% of the actual capacity

The ternary battery must have 30% of its capacity left, so the discharge depth is 70% of the actual capacity

The Lithium iron phosphate battery only needs 1% of the power, so the discharge depth can reach 99% of the actual capacity

Solar panels

Solar panels not only depend on their size but also on their conversion efficiency. Generally, the conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar panels is 12%, while that of monocrystalline silicon solar panels is 15% -24%. The manufacturing cost of single crystal solar panels is higher than that of polycrystalline solar panels.

inductive head

Induction heads are divided into microwave induction and infrared induction. Microwave induction can sense moving objects, while infrared induction can only sense organisms with temperature.

LED light source

Just because it looks dazzling doesn’t mean there’s illumination

If the same lumen is applied to the same illumination, the smaller the luminous area of the LED light source, the more dazzling it looks, and the human eye may mistakenly think it is brighter. There is a dizziness index inside the streetlights, and the higher the dizziness index of the streetlights, the less safe it is to drive.

The same lumen, the smaller the angle of lens illumination, the more concentrated the area of light hitting the ground, making it appear brighter, but the coverage at the same time is smaller.

LED cannot only rely on wattage, but also on light efficiency. Brightness is the multiplication of wattage and light efficiency

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