Guidelines for Lighting Design of Tennis Courts 2023

Guidelines for Lighting Design of Tennis Courts 2023

Tennis is a hugely popular sport that is played on a court. Because the speed of tennis is too fast, it is very difficult to judge the impact of tennis! and also has stricter and more professional requirements for tennis Courts lighting.The factors that influence the lighting of a tennis court are whether it’s an indoor or outdoor court, the size of the court and the level of the competitions.

Tennis Court Lighting Standards By Level of Play

Recreational/training level

Standard single courts at the most casual level usually have 4 poles at 20-26 feet high.The brightness ranges from 30 fc / 300 lux – 50 fc / 500 lux.

High school/private club level

At this level there are generally 6 poles on a single court between 26 – 40 feet high. The brightness ranges between 50 fc / 500 lux – 75 fc / 750 lux

College/professional level

For the highest level of play there are 8 poles on a single court between 50 and 66 feet high. The brightness ranges between 75 fc / 750 lux – 125 fc / 1250 lux.

What Kind of Lights Are Used For Tennis Courts?

Tennis courts can be divided into outdoor courts and indoor courts. For example, lawn tennis is the most basic outdoor court, but its establishment and maintenance costs are too expensive, so it has now been replaced by artificial courts. Artificial courts are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Indoor Tennis Court Court Lighting

When it comes to indoor tennis court lighting, the objective is to deliver uniform, bright lighting that minimizes shadows and prevents glare. Both the court itself and the surrounding areas need to be adequately illuminated. LED lights are commonly selected due to their energy efficiency, longevity, high quality of light, and reduced heat output.

Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting

Outdoor tennis courts require careful consideration of lighting. LED lights should be installed to reduce shadows and glare, and high-intensity floodlights are often used to illuminate the stadium at night or during night games.

The specific lighting requirements for a tennis court may depend on multiple factors, including the size of the court, whether it is used for entertainment or competitive matches. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a professional lighting designer or experienced court lighting operator when setting up tennis court lighting.

The Best Solution for Tennis Stadium Lighting in 2023

Based on Shinetoo’s professional experience in lighting design, the height of tennis court light poles ranges from 6 to 8 meters (20 feet to 26.7 feet). According to the lighting requirements of the stadium, the wattage of the stadium lighting is usually between 300 and 500 watts. Provide the following solutions for reference.

8 poles (6m/20ft)
Standard tennis court (36*18m/120*60ft), installed 8PCS MK LED 400W to achieve average lux 783lux.
6 poles (8.7m/29ft)
Standard tennis court, put 6PCS MK LED 300W to achieve average lumen 500lux.
Standard tennis court, put 6PCS MK LED 200W to achieve average lumen 300lux.
4 poles (12m/40ft)
Standard tennis court, installed 4PCS MK LED 500W to achieve average lux 419lux.
Standard tennis court, installed 8PCS MK LED 300W to achieve average lux 489lux.

What should I pay attention to before purchasing tennis court lights

how to buy the best tennis court lights, and what issues you need to pay attention to, here are the factors you need to consider.

1 Waterproof
The waterproof characteristics of the lamp should be one of your first considerations. It is essential that the lamp has at least IP65 water resistance.
2 Superior Luminous Efficiency
In order to reduce maintenance costs, it is necessary to choose long-lasting and high-quality LED lights. To choose efficient LED lights, it is necessary to choose lamps with high energy efficiency levels. This means it will use less energy and emit less light.
3 Variable Color Temperature
In order to obtain a suitable LED light, it is necessary to check the color temperature. The recommended color temperature range for cold white is 5000 to 6000K. Some tennis courts require lighting with a color temperature between 2800 and 3500K.
Lighting glare is certainly an element that needs to be controlled when designing tennis court lighting. In this case, both the athlete and the audience have visual impairments due to the very bright surface in the field of view. When glare is excessive, it can cause discomfort, decreased vision, and even brief visual loss.
How can we reduce glare on a tennis court?
The International Commission on Illumination introduced Glare Rating (GR).
GR is used to evaluate the level of glare at a point for a single line of sight.
GR has a range of 10 to 90, where 10 is considered “unnoticeable,” and 90 is considered “unbearable.”
The best value is in the middle GR 50. In fact it is rated for professional levels.



Class I – Professional Level


Class II – Challenger Sport


Class III – Residential and recreational


5.Heat Dissipation
Heat dissipation is a key part of the quality of lighting fixtures. Good heat dissipation of lighting fixtures is essential for indoor tennis courts, as if heat is trapped indoors, the lifespan of lighting fixtures may be shortened.
6.High Light Uniformity
In order to brighten the tennis court, it is essential to have a high degree of light homogeneity. This indicates the ratio of lowest to highest lux. Generally, 0.6 to 0.7 light uniformity is sufficient.

7.Easy to Install

LED lights are simple to install, requiring neither expert assistance nor specialized tools.
8.Modularization Design

LED lights have to have a modular design since it facilitates maintenance. You will not have to remove the whole fixture to make repairs.
Few people consider the warranty of LED lights. This is a huge mistake. Before purchasing, it is recommended to inquire about the manufacturer’s lamp warranty period. Shinetoo provides a warranty for each tennis court lighting.

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