how much do lights on a baseball field cost?

how much do lights on a baseball field cost?

Baseball is a popular leisure sport among Americans, Baseball games were initially only played during the day, as there were no suitable lighting solutions available in the market to allow nighttime games. When metal halide lamps became the standard for high-capacity outdoor lighting, games began to be played at night.

Although metal halide lamps are sturdy and capable of generating appropriate levels of illumination, they have been replaced by LED technology. LED lights provide the best return on lumen output for the wattage consumed, and they are also more durable.

However, the lighting of the baseball field is a very large project. The annual electricity consumption and cost of replacing lighting fixtures are very distressing. Do you have the same question?

As is well known, the unit of light is the lumen (lm), and the higher the lumen, the brighter the lamp. But when we talk about lighting requirements, we generally refer to illuminance, which is the brightness level from the light source to a certain area, that is, the number of lumens per square meter, in lux.

In addition, the baseball field is divided into infield and outfield. Athletes’ rapid movements are mostly in the infield, so the lighting requirements for the infield are usually higher than those for the outfield.

The most popular ones are minor league baseball, youth league, and high school lighting systems.

Baseball Stadium Recommended Lighting




Professional competition专业竞争

1500 lux1500勒克斯

1000 lux1000勒克斯

General competition一般竞争

1000 lux1000勒克斯

750 lux750勒克斯


750 lux750勒克斯

500 lux500勒克斯

High School高中

500 lux500勒克斯

300 lux300勒克斯

Little League少年棒球联盟

500 lux500勒克斯

300 lux300勒克斯


300 lux300勒克斯

200 lux200勒克斯


How Much Do Baseball Field Lights Cost?

In terms of the cost of baseball field lighting. This is the same as the lighting cost of a sports stadium, and the lighting cost of a high school baseball field is approximately $200000. This includes a lighting level of 300 lux, assuming sufficient power supply within 100 feet of one of the four pillars. Depending on location and specifications, the cost may reach up to $400000.

For example, if your stadium is a Major League Baseball Championship or Olympics, the requirements will be the highest, so the price will increase. In most cases, the cost of LED baseball field lights is around $40000 to $70000, as we require LED baseball field lights of 30000 to 60000 watts. If you are making metal halide lamps, HPS, LPS, or halogen replacement lamps, you may find that the price of LED lamps may be slightly higher because LED is a brighter and more durable light source, which can reduce the maintenance and operating costs of LED baseball field lighting in the long run.

What factors determine a baseball field lights cost?

Origin of Baseball Field Lamp Manufacturers

If baseball field lights are manufactured in the United States, the United Kingdom, or other European countries, the price will be very high. This is because labor, material costs, and factory rent are higher. Most of the money you pay will eventually go into the pockets of other businesses, The simplest way is to find a reliable company with production lines in Asian countries. If you can find a reliable company, you can get the most cost-effective lights. The price difference between stadium lighting from the United States and Asia is 30% to 200%. For example, if lighting fixtures are purchased from the United States, the total cost of a standard baseball field is approximately $120000 to $500000, while in China, the price is only around $40000 to $200000. If you purchase lighting fixtures in this cost-effective way, you can definitely reduce project costs and increase profits.

Baseball Mast Height

A baseball field with a high mast requires a lot of lighting. The height can be approximately 15 to 50 meters. When the pole is high, the speed at which light reaches the ground will not be faster. It escapes into the air before coming into contact with the surface. Therefore, the price of purchasing and installing lighting fixtures will definitely exceed that of the roof. Installing them is also a challenge. The height may cause some manufacturers’ lights to flash. The amount paid is very high.

Short masts for baseball field lighting will be economical. Firstly, the cost you spend on purchasing is quite low. This type of lamp requires less power. Due to the fast installation speed, your costs will be reduced.

Baseball field size

When purchasing materials, it is necessary to consider the size of the baseball field? This way, you will know the approximate budget. Therefore, if you have a large area, you will need a large budget. This is because the large area requires the maximum amount of light, requiring more light to illuminate the entire field of view.

Small venues are very cheap. This will require a small budget. Lighting areas do not require too many spotlights. However, the light should not be too harsh as it can affect the line of sight. So it needs to be unified.

Type of baseball field light fixture

There are different types of baseball field lighting fixtures. HPS floodlights, metal halide lights, or halogen lights are all very cheap. LED stadium lights are more expensive than all lights. Initially, you would have a completely different idea about the lights. When you get something cheap, you feel good. You think you’ve saved a lot of money. However, in the end, you will be disappointed.

An example is a 1000 watt halogen lamp, priced between $50 and $130. The price of a 1000 watt LED baseball field light ranges from $900 to $1500. This field requires 10 halogen lamps, each with a power of 1000 watts, to be comparable to LEDs. So the total cost of purchasing lighting fixtures in the end is similar. However, halogen lamps must be replaced from time to time during use, which is expensive because they lifespan is very short. LED stadium lights are more durable. Therefore, LED field lights are the best choice for baseball field lighting. Even if you pay a relatively high price at the beginning, you can keep the light stable for a long time.

The cost of installing baseball field lights

This will make a big difference. For large and complex projects, the cost of baseball field lights may reach as high as 30% to 80% of the bulb price, estimated at $10000 to $25000. Therefore, choosing a durable light bulb is crucial.

How to choose the best LED baseball field lighting

If you want to choose the most suitable LED baseball stadium lights, then you need to understand the following parameters and features.

Bright enough

Obviously, it is necessary to be bright enough, as high lumen floodlights must be installed in both entertainment and professional baseball fields.

High light efficiency

High light efficiency lamps can reduce more electricity bills and use smaller watts, increasing safety when using high poles.

Optional Beam angle

Diversified lighting angles are designed to adapt to different scenes, and appropriate beam angles can more easily achieve high uniformity and high-quality lighting.

Waterproof and anti-corrosion performance

Because the baseball field is outdoors, waterproof and anti-corrosion properties are very important. Luminaires must pass at least IP65 waterproof and salt spray testing.

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