What are the advantages of solar street lights

What are solar street lights?

A Solar Street light generates its own electricity during the day, stores this energy in a battery and then discharges this battery into our solar LED light fixture.Top-quality solar powered street lighting without outrageous electrical infrastructure fees. These are fully autonomous systems.This cycle repeats itself every day to create a stand alone solar light that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. shinetoo is a market leader in the design of these lights that has seen massive technological advances in the last 10+ years. This means that in most cases a Solar street light can run reliably all year round and can in some cases give 100% up-time just like (or better than) a main powered street light.

shinetoo has been developing the individual components for over 9 years to make highly reliable Street lighting networks all over the world. We are considered a global market leader in high reliability solar street lighting.

From finding the best solution for your project, to installation and ongoing performance, everything we do is designed to make that as easy and cost-effective as possible.

Every detail of our products, including the solar street light, are designed to minimize hassle and maximize performance. Our team has experience working on thousands of projects in need of high-quality lighting to help you get the best lighting solution.

Advantages of solar street lights

Solar streetlights have many benefits over traditional streetlights. Solar street lamps are waterproof and weather resistant. Solar-powered lights also attract fewer insects to the light source than electric streetlights. Solar induction streetlamps are maintenance-free as well. These solar induction streetlights have great longevity and require very minimum upkeep. One of the biggest reasons why people would rather use a solar LED streetlight than a traditional streetlight is that solar-powered lights are eco-friendly and has great energy conservation. Some high-quality solar lights have built-in motion detection as well. The solar streetlight motion sensor is for knowing when something or someone passes under the light. All-in-one streetlights with solar capabilities are overall great for energy-saving, lowering maintenance costs, and reliable stability.

Compared to old-fashioned street lights, solar street lights have an edge on the competition because they offer the following perks:
  • Installation choice – install anywhere
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Better return on investment
  • Optimum lighting
  • Renewable energy source

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