What is LED flood light? How to choose?

LED flood lights are used to cover large areas of outdoor and indoor lighting. And it works so well that when you go to larger venues, such as airports, gymnasiums, basketball courts, and tennis courts, it’s because of LED flood lights that such a large venue can be so bright and not blinding.

One of the most obvious and widespread uses is the sports scene, such as tennis, basketball, soccer, rugby, and hemispheres. These places need to operate tomorrow and at night, but if there is a relatively large event or the most lively time, most of them happen at night to carefully see the trajectory of the ball in order to better see the effect of the perfect moment of the game, at this time, LED flood lights will be able to highlight A great role, and more friendly to everyone’s eyes, so that everyone enjoys the joy of the game will be a little more.

The biggest difference between LED lights and other traditional types of lights is that LED lights can see more at night and save a lot of lights and light poles and do not need to install so many lights when using them, and the light recession is also very long, and do not need to replace the bulbs often, and can be used normally at high altitudes, not affected by the temperature.

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What is the difference between LED flood lights and traditional types of lights?

First of all, let’s talk about traditional light. Its lighting coverage is very limited. A bulb can not illuminate a room, so the effect is not so great; the light inside the light bulb decline is also very fast; only individual improved light bulbs, but also can only last a little more than ordinary lights.

So why are LED lights better than traditional types of lights?

Because its electrical energy to light energy efficiency is very high, it can reach 95% so that it is very power-saving, in addition to its coverage area light, but also very bright, for the process of the game, the athletes and the audience’s perspective will be perfect and excellent. Still, the price of LED floodlights will be a little higher. Still, overall, more people will prefer to choose LED flood lights in actual use than often changing the bulb of the traditional light to a lot of cost-effective.

Why do you think flood lights can save a lot of light poles and space?

The same large soccer field, may use traditional lights need 30, while the use of LED flood lights, only six lights, is enough. The same situation compared to using LED flood lights can save a lot of costs. More and more sports venues began to replace the LED flood lights or transform the original LED flood lights.

When to use LED flood lights?

LED flood lights are increasingly widely used scenes, whether indoors or outdoors. Once turned on at night, they will feel as bright as during the day, but the game site has the highest demand for LED flood lights. The camera shoots in real-time, and the audience will watch from a horizontal angle, making it easier for them to see or capture the important moments.

How to choose the right outdoor LED flood light?

When you want to buy LED flood lights, you must first determine their use. In the stadium or the stadium, different places need different LED flood lights, different flood lights chips, and lumens and power are also different from designing according to the actual use of the scene.

LED flood light purchase, also consider the wattage, generally from 100W-1600W, according to your site size, height, and the need for lighting the area, but the specific or use computer software to simulate the design to know how many watts you need the light.

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