The Most Complete Guide to LED Floodlights

Many people think of LED floodlights when it comes to lighting for outdoor work because they can withstand harsh and unstable weather and still provide the most consistent lighting performance under bad weather.

UV exposure is a good presentation because it keeps one’s body healthy.

Outdoor LED floodlights have a wide range of uses, for example.

  • Open-air locations such as gardens, parks, airports, or marinas
  • Various lighting places include exterior walls, billboards, led tennis court lights, gymnasiums, etc.

general conditions and types of LED floodlights

The components of floodlights are all roughly the same. Some are refractor lights, some are direct lights, and their uses are not the same. Led floodlights have different configurations according to the actual site and the light exposure standards that need to be achieved. They can be high side power, lux, lumens, and other parameters, according to the customer’s needs.

Outdoor LED floodlight and its tension standard

There are also many criteria for outdoor LED floodlights, the most important are to avoid light pollution, maintain the relationship between neighbors, prevent light spillage, and anti-glare function to prevent light from flickering in people’s eyes, in addition to the height of the led floodlight pole is also very important.

l safety and life safety, plus the need to comply with local laws and regulations, outdoor LED floodlights are usually installed with a voltage of 12VDC/VAC or 24VAC, either DC or AC.

There are also outdoor LED floodlights at 220AVC, which, of course, have to be equipped with better protection devices to avoid direct contact with water and motor problems.

Which IP protection index is necessary?

Usually, the IP protection indices for LED floodlights are the IP65 and IP66 indices. They ensure the best protection against dust or rain.

IP67 and IP68 are more advanced protection and can even be submerged in water. IP67 can withstand 30 minutes of immersion in water one meter deep.

Floodlight shades

Although the pattern of outdoor lighting is less than that of indoor lighting (for example, the size of the room marks the number of light points), the end of the lighting area must also be taken into account. This is where personal taste or the exact need for, say, the color and temperature of the light comes into play. These are the two shades that can be chosen.

Monochromatic: Without a doubt, this is the most common. You can choose from warm white, neutral or cool white, depending on where they are installed.

  • RGB: The use of LEDs opens up various colors of light to choose from. Thanks to 
  • You can choose between three primary colors (red, green, and blue) for RGB LED floodlights, which are responsible for generating other shades such as orange, pink, purple, yellow, cyan, and white.

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