The difference between LED floodlights and LED spotlights

A floodlight is not a track light, not a spotlight, and not a stage spotlight. Floodlights produce a highly diffuse, angular light rather than a visible light in the corridor, so a floodlight’s impact will be gentler and fully transparent.
The difference between floodlights and spotlights can be explained in two words, beam angle. The beam angle of LED floodlights is between 45 – 120°. Meanwhile, LED spotlights range between 25 – 45°.
The efficiency of the lighting fixture becoming weaker when directing objects with a floodlight will be much slower than the stage spotlight lighting fixture becoming weaker. The raw material of the lamp arm of the floodlight is aluminum alloy casting, and the upper side will be coated with a layer of heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and recession-resistant raw material.

What is the beam angle

The beam angle is a measure to determine the light propagating from the light source. By calculating the beam width (beam diameter), the minimum number of lights required for proper lighting can be determined.

how do I calculate the beam width?

We can generate a simple formula to calculate the beam width using a simple trigonometric function.
Beamwidth = [0.08] x [Beam Angle] x [Light Distance]
So, if you have an 80-degree floodlight and want to know how wide the beam is 10 feet away, calculate
80 degrees x 0.018 x 10 feet = 14.4 feet wide
If you have a 30-degree spotlight and want to know how wide the beam is 15 feet away, do the following calculation.
30 degrees x 0.018 x 15 feet = 8.1 feet wide

8′ 10′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′
10° 1.44′ wide 1.8′ wide 2.16′ wide 2.52′ wide 2.88′ wide 3.24′ wide 3.6′ wide
20° 2.88′ wide 3.6′ wide 4.32′ wide 5.04′ wide 5.76′ wide 6.48′ wide 7.2′ wide
40° 5.76′ wide 7.2′ wide 8.64′ wide 10.08′ wide 11.52′ wide 12.96′ wide 14.4′ wide
80° 11.52′ wide 14.4′ wide 17.28′ wide 20.16′ wide 23.04′ wide 25.92′ wide 28.8′ wide
120° 17.28′ wide 21.6′ wide 25.92′ wide 30.24′ wide 34.56′ wide 38.88′ wide 43.2′ wide

Floodlight Features

Floodlights are very different from spotlights in that the actual effect of the lighting fixture is a uniform direct light from a particular point to every direction. The key features of floodlight beam patterns are high diffusion, non-directionality, and softer shadows.

Application areas: indoor stadiums, outdoor stadiums, baseball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, airports, led parking lots light, and highways.

Spotlight Features

Spotlights get their name from the shape of their light diffusion, a sharp circular light spot. For a precise and quick beam spread, the narrow beam angle needs to be less than 45°, but spotlights usually do not go below 25°.
The difference between floodlights and spotlights is between the two lighting fixture categories. Spotlights can be manipulated according to the embedded microprocessor chip, which can accomplish animation effects such as gradient color, oscillation, and arbitrary flashing, and can be conducted according to DMX to perform unique attributes such as pursuit and scanner. At this stage, the spotlight can be used in the building’s interior light outside the transparent lighting fixtures, room part of the lighting fixtures, advertising signs lighting fixtures, concert halls, and other leisure and entertainment clubs.

application area

Spotlights are smaller than floodlights, making them suitable for a broader range of applications.
Accent lighting is one of the critical applications for spotlights, such as statues, landscapes, and concert stages.
However, spotlights can also be used for lighting applications where fixture space is limited, such as billboards and rescue vehicles.

quality engineering projects

The quality of the two differences is small; high-grade spotlights and floodlights will be more secure. Along with social progress, spotlights can not only be used for lighting fixtures role, but also shape a better visual effect projection of the actual effect, LED floodlights than the traditional type of light source more energy-efficient and bright, and spotlights are more complicated to make, but the floodlights are a universal lighting category.

common problems

The common problems in the use of spotlights and floodlights are also different. The matters that must be paid attention to in spotlights are the high pure aluminum reflection layer, symmetry type narrow-angle, the most accurate light, and spotlight lighting fixtures that come with a ruler board for easy adjustment of the direct angle.

the direct field of view

Spotlights and spotlights are also different in the direct field. Spotlights are also known as spotlights, mainly used in architectural decoration and commercial space design lighting fixtures. Decorative art is good, in the shape of various styles, and spotlights can be evenly directed to each area. The irradiation field can be adjusted at will. The standard spotlights can be used to light up the overall scene.

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