Solar LED lighting: the latest advantages and uses

Solar lighting is environmentally friendly is green. Solar lighting can also solve many problems, such as expensive electricity to deliver to the site or very costly. Solar lighting systems can provide safe lighting for the required area and can be integrated with monitoring, signaling, WIFI, etc. This is precisely what shinetoo Solar street light has achieved for all those looking for an environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative or to add to the local environmental cause.

Types of solar lighting systems

Solar lighting technology has come a long way, and the choice of solar LED lighting is now so mature and low cost that it is no longer that much of a hassle to be environmentally friendly and green as well as convenient. When looking for some options, you will undoubtedly find that there are more than a few and a huge number of choices. This means you don’t have to choose one type of solar lighting, but you can tailor various options to suit different functional and aesthetic preferences.

Some of the types of solar lights you can use to illuminate outdoor areas include

Solar street lights;

Solar LED floodlights.

Solar spotlights.

Solar high bay light.

Solar lights.

Solar lamp posts.

Environmental and decorative solar lights.

Solar garden lights.

Solar motion lights.

Solar road lighting.

What other functions can solar energy achieve besides lighting?

While achieving LED lighting, it can also incorporate applications such as signal lights, base stations, Internet WiFi services, monitoring, and, most notably, wind power generation components in places where the wind is more abundant.

Advantages of solar lighting

Low installation cost

The installation cost of solar lighting is meager, and lower than trenching for grid electricity. There are no underground pipes leading to the poles, as you would see in conventional electricity, but the poles are used safely despite being much higher.

Installation is safe and not as difficult as low voltage power, with only wiring at the top of the pole. In some cases, it may propagate to nearby poles. Standard electric trenching is fraught with difficulties, but solar installations have not encountered this.

Shinetoo’s vertical solar panels, installed around the pole, eliminating the need to climb to the top of the pole, are safer for installation and greatly reduce safety hazards for later use during installation.

Reduce post maintenance.

The most significant advantage of solar lighting is that it requires little maintenance. This is especially true in the case of shinetoo’s vertical solar panel systems that can last 20 years or more. If installed correctly, the system’s batteries only require maintenance every 5-7 years.

Visual inspection and cleaning of the glass grilles are also recommended to extend their life and inspection of the luminaires themselves. Most other components can last 30 years or more without any maintenance. shinetoo uses vertical solar panels that do not require cleaning.


Solar energy is the number one renewable energy source; therefore, solar lighting is a great way to transition to green. It requires no grid power at all and is naturally generated. LED lighting uses batteries that are charged during the day with solar power; at night, it is dipped into the power source to illuminate the desired area. This process is repeated daily without using any other form of energy.

No electricity bill to pay

The most compelling aspect of solar lighting is the ability to reduce energy costs to zero. While a commercial system may cost a lot of money upfront, the savings from using solar energy will pay off for this investment. In addition, commercial solar systems also receive significant monetary incentives to switch to solar.

If you care about the environment and want to reduce your footprint, solar lighting is a great option! It works just as well as conventional power while lowering your energy bills to zero and providing a constant stream of LED lighting. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a large area that needs lighting, there are a variety of solar lights to suit your needs.


Whether you are ready to illuminate a road, highway, garden, or lawn, you can use LED solar street lighting. Our shinetoo solar street lighting system is not only for lighting, but you can also add other component functions. One is vertical lighting, which has a significant advantage in terms of safety and power.

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