LED Sourcing Guide: High Mast led Lighting

What is high mast light?

High mast led lighting is installed at the height of 20-40 meters, usually consisting of a circle of lights around the pole, which shines from the top to the ground. Most poles will be equipped with four, six, or eight lights; in a few cases, three, five, ten, twelve, and sixteen lights are used.

LED high mast lights can provide powerful lighting brightness and are very high lumen output, illuminating many large locations (such as highways, rail yards, parking lots, airports, seaports, stadiums, etc.) in the most efficient and cost effective way. High mast lights are the best high mast luminaires because they are low cost, high lumen, easy to adjust, and durable.

What are the lighting standards for high mast light?

High mast led lighting systems are calculated using a standardized design based on the area to be illuminated, the lumens that can be produced, and the height of the light pole coming off the pole. Generally, high mast light used in stadiums and sports venues needs 300-500 LUX. If it is the dock, airport, large outdoor places, or park lot, only need 100-200 LUX is enough.

HID replaced with LED high mast light

Traditional lighting, such as HID, replaced by LED, is the most sensible choice. LED has a lot of advantages and benefits over traditional lighting.

LED, rather than traditional lighting, can produce more stable lighting.

LED have a very high conversion rate of electrical energy to light energy and emit very little heat.

LED do not emit infrared light, which is harmless to the human eye.

LED maintenance costs are relatively low and do not require frsequent replacement of the lamp later, reducing the cost very much

In addition to lighting performance, choosing the right height and quality of light poles is important. The high mast comprises various components, including ropes, pulleys, winches, etc., installed in outdoor areas. This makes them prone to failure, damage, and corrosion. Therefore, you should always ensure that you purchase products that are made of high-quality and preferably non-corrosive materials.

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