How to choose reliable Solar street light factory

How to choose reliable Solar street light factory

With the continuous development and maturity of photovoltaic power generation technology, Solar street lights are also being trusted and recognized by more and more people, undoubtedly having a huge profit market. Therefore, there are more and more Solar street lights manufacturers. For consumers, on the one hand, there is more choice space, and on the other hand, these manufacturers’ products are mixed, which actually increases the difficulty of choice for consumers.

It is not enough to just understand how to choose Solar street lights themselves. To ensure product quality and ensure that Solar street lights can bring more convenience and happiness to life, manufacturers should also consider carefully. So, how to choose reliable Solar street lights manufacturers? Shinetoo solar street lights will be elaborated on from four aspects.

1、 Understand the reputation of Solar street lights manufacturers

Now we need to understand various information channels, which are actually quite convenient. We can have a preliminary understanding of Solar street lights manufacturers through friends or networks who have built Solar street lights around us, especially in terms of word-of-mouth evaluation. If Solar street lights manufacturers have a good word-of-mouth evaluation, we can rest assured that they will bring us the highest quality product services and meet our various needs.

2、 Understand the strength of Solar street lights manufacturers

After knowing the reputation of the manufacturer through external information, the next step is to understand the strength of the manufacturer. This can be seen from multiple perspectives. Firstly, the manufacturer has been working for several years and has accumulated experience. Not only is it more proficient in technology, but it can also clarify customer needs faster and better, and make timely adjustments according to their needs.

Secondly, you can also look at some of the brands that this manufacturer collaborates with, after all, solar street lights are a customized product, and it is impossible for all accessories to be produced by the manufacturer themselves.

Some products, such as controllers, chips, and lamp beads, are brought back through outsourcing for assembly and blending. If manufacturers cooperate with small and unknown brands, it will naturally not be reassuring; If the user has the conditions, it is best to conduct on-site inspections and see some projects that Solar street lights manufacturers have done before to see how the projects are going.

3、 Clarify your own needs and look at the manufacturer’s quotation

Solar street lights are not mass-produced products. The environmental conditions and needs of different regions are different, and the configurations, styles, and other aspects of the Solar street lights you choose are naturally different. The prices of Solar street lights also vary.

So users also need to clarify their own needs, at least by providing the nature, width, area, lighting time, and continuous rainy weather with normal lighting. This way, manufacturers can have a clearer understanding of the height, power, spacing, and other related data of solar street lights, and ultimately determine the price of solar street lights.

Users can compare multiple manufacturers to see the rationality of their quotations, but at the same time, it is important to note that products should not be priced based on their own budget. Some manufacturers may see low quotations, but may falsely mark parameters in configuration or incur other costs in the later stage, ultimately failing to achieve the desired results.

4、 Check the manufacturer’s service attitude and after-sales service guarantee

In addition to the above, users also need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s service attitude and after-sales service guarantee, after all, solar street lights are not just bought and everything is fine.

Later, related matters such as installation will also be involved. Only with a good service attitude from the manufacturer can communication and communication be better and more effective. With good after-sales service guarantee, in case of any problems, it can be more convenient to solve and reduce unnecessary troubles.

shinetoo has been developing the individual components for over 9 years to make highly reliable Solar street lights networks all over the world. We are considered a global market leader in high reliability solar street lighting.

We are worthy of your choice as an LED Solar street light manufacturer and supplier. You can leave a message on our website or ask for LED Solar street light Fixtures prices and catalog!

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