How much does solar street light usually cost?

How much is a set of solar street lights with poles

The solar street light system refers to an independent decentralized power supply system that constitutes solar street lights. It is not limited by geographical location, is not affected by the installation location of electricity, and does not require excavation of road surfaces for wiring and pipe laying construction. The on-site construction and installation are very convenient, without the need for power transmission and transformation systems, does not consume municipal electricity, is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and has good comprehensive economic benefits. Especially, adding solar street lights on completed roads is very convenient.

Solar streetlights are environmentally friendly streetlights powered by solar energy, used to replace traditional public electricity lighting. The price of solar streetlights is influenced by factors such as pole height, lamp head brightness, power, and lighting time. Generally, a complete set of solar streetlights with normal configuration costs around $500-$1000. When purchasing solar street lights, one should consider their detailed configuration and choose a reputable and strong brand manufacturer based on the needs of the road. Let’s learn how to choose solar street lights.

1、 What is solar street light

Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, with maintenance free valve controlled sealed batteries (colloidal batteries) storing electrical energy. Ultra high brightness LED lamps serve as light sources and are controlled by intelligent charging and discharging controllers to replace traditional public power lighting street lights. Solar street lamps are composed of LED light sources, solar panels, batteries, battery insulation boxes, solar street lamp controllers, street lamp poles, and auxiliary materials and wires, and are powered by clean energy solar energy.

The working principle of solar street lights is: under the control of an intelligent controller, the solar panel absorbs solar energy during the day and converts it into electrical energy, charging the battery pack. At night, the battery pack provides power to the LED light source, achieving lighting functions. The excess electricity can be stored to ensure normal operation in rainy and cloudy weather.

2、 How much is a set of solar street lights with poles

The price of solar streetlights is influenced by factors such as pole height, lamp head brightness, power, and lighting time. The price of a complete set of solar streetlights includes solar streetlight controllers, battery panels, batteries, battery boxes, streetlight poles, streetlight fixtures and light sources, lamp pole flange sleeves, basic embedded parts, and built-in wires. The approximate price varies from $500 to $1000 depending on the configuration. For example, a solar street lamp with a height of 6 meters, a lamp holder of 30 watts, and 6 hours of light per day would cost around $500. (For reference only)

3、 How to choose solar street lights with higher cost-effectiveness

1. See detailed configuration

The configuration of solar street lamps with high cost-effectiveness is definitely reasonable. The basic configuration of solar street lamps mainly depends on the power of the lamp, the capacity of the battery, the size of the battery panel, the material of the lamp pole, etc. These parameters should be noted, and it is necessary to avoid buying products with virtual capacity.

2. Looking at the needs of the road

Solar street lights need to determine their height and spacing based on road needs. Firstly, it is necessary to know the width of the road on which solar street lights are used, in order to choose whether to use single arm or double arm solar street lights; Secondly, look at the spacing between solar street lights and choose the brightness required for the power of the lighting fixtures; Finally, it is necessary to determine the power and brightness of the lighting fixtures based on the height of the solar street lamp pole.

3. Check the warranty period

In general, the warranty period for solar street lights is 1-3 years. The longer the warranty period, the more guaranteed the quality of the street lights, but the price will also be relatively higher.

4. Look at the brand

When choosing solar street lamps, it is still important to pay attention to the strength and reputation of the brand manufacturer. This can be learned through online inquiries. You can consult with various brands to understand the specific strength of the manufacturer, and compare products with other brands to choose high-quality and cost-effective products.

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Why is the price of solar street lights higher than that of LED street lights?

Outdoor lighting engineering companies and municipal unit purchasers initially had doubts about the price of solar street lights and LED street lights. Why are they both outdoor street lights and why solar street lights are more expensive than LED street lights, and not just a little more.

Firstly, by directly comparing the price of solar street lights with the price of LED street lights, we found that both have similarities. The street lamp head light source used in solar street lamps is also LED, and the quality of the lamp poles used is the same. One uses a power supply and the other uses a controller. The prices of these three points are not far apart, so the price difference appears at different points. In terms of components, solar street lights have several more things than LED street lights: solar panels, solar batteries, and battery boxes.

The price of solar panels depends on their quality. For solar street lamp manufacturers, the cost of solar panels is calculated based on the number of watts, and the cost of solar dedicated batteries is also calculated based on the size AH. Overall, the larger the battery, the more expensive it is. For LED street lights, the higher the configuration, the areas that need to increase the price are the lamps, lamp poles, and power supply. However, for solar street lights, the higher the configuration, the higher the cost of solar panels, batteries, lamps, and lamp poles. This is also why the price of solar street lights is higher than that of LED street lights.

Although solar street lights are more expensive than LED street lights, considering the unique advantages of solar street lights, such as no need for electricity, intelligent working mode, wiring free installation, and simple maintenance, even though the price is relatively expensive, they are still highly favored by the market.

To summarize, the price composition of LED street lights is determined based on actual usage needs and configurations. In addition, it is best not to choose products that are clearly cheap, as cheap products are not good. In addition to LED street lights, outdoor lighting fixtures such as solar street lights, solar lawn lights, wind solar complementary street lights, solar courtyard lights, etc. are also the same. The price is crucial, but it should not be the case that buyers only focus on cheap prices and neglect quality.

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