What design factors need to be considered when installing LED street lights point

Lights are lighting into people’s vision, slowly promoting the development of LED street lights evolution to energy saving to say, walking in the dark at night is a dangerous thing, can not see what lies ahead, do not know what dangers exist around is easy to cause a variety of accidents. So the existence of street lights not only illuminates the night but also improves the safety of people walking at night.    
      Streetlights are becoming increasingly common in our daily life, and it can be said that they can be seen in our everyday life often. In addition, it has long become a beautiful scenery line in the city.

1.Considering the safety factor element

Safety hazards, no matter what the situation, is all the more critical problem in the design of street lights to carry out that time, but also the safety factor must be taken into account before the procedure to carry out an analysis of the whole process of the installation to ensure that the street lights to carry out the installation of that time, to ensure that the street lights are more solid, but also to consider the size of the lamp load output power so that all the system software can be excellent operation.
In a few places with high crime rates, residents often request additional street lighting to improve visibility and thus deter burglars. As a result, the presence of proper lighting often makes people feel safer. While street lighting is intended to make people feel safer, care must be taken to ensure that only adequate lighting is provided, as too much lighting can create glare, and the spacing between each light pole is appropriately consistent.

2.Consider the challenge of energy efficiency and environmental protection

The LED street light carries out the design of that time but also energy saving and environmental protection problems also taken into account because the street light must flash for a more extended period, so the output power of the street light generally need not be immense, can have lighting fixture efficacy dominant, prevent lead to a lot of electromagnetic energy luxury waste. 

3.The design of the street light pole

LED street light poles can be planned according to the desired atmosphere, adding more beauty and attractiveness to the surrounding space. The final finish of the pole can be chosen according to the project requirements. Poles for significant roads can be very simple and only require normal galvanization for extended life and decent aesthetics. Whereas poles inside some residential, commercial areas, hotels, etc., may need some pleasing aesthetic design that complements the surrounding area.

4.keep aesthetics at the forefront

In the design of street lights, we must consider the street lights’ beauty. Because of the rows of street lights, the people’s city has a grip on the purified environment, so in the design of that time, to make it look artistic beauty, we must take into account the height of the street lights, to ensure that all the street lights are the same height. The degree to moderate, so that the light effect shines to that time, it will give a more comfortable feeling.

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Also, take into account the interval between the street lights, prompting everyone to see, no matter where a perspective, can feel the street lights are lovely.
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Product description

  1.  The thermal resistance is small; the chip junction temperature can be controlled below 60 ℃.
  2. The lamp chip has a life of more than 50,000 hours, a unique anti-glare design patent system, an environmental ratio, and high uniformity.
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  4. The surface of super-conducting metal spraying, process texture, and corrosion resistance.

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