Analysis and response to five common faults of solar street lights

Analysis and response to five common faults of solar street lights

Solar street lights are widely used in our daily lives. They can be seen in cities or rural areas, on main or rural roads, scenic spots or courtyards, bringing great convenience to our night life. However, when solar street lights are exposed outdoors, they are easily affected by the environment and may malfunction. So, how can we troubleshoot and handle these faults?

1. The entire light does not come on

① There are usually four reasons why the entire lamp does not light up. One common reason is that the controller inside the lamp head has water ingress, causing a short circuit. Firstly, you can check if there are any signs of water stains or rust on the terminals of the controller.

② If there is such a situation, it is highly likely that the controller is damaged due to water ingress. A multimeter can be used to measure the resistance range of both ends of the circuit. If the resistance value is too small, it is usually a short circuit, and at this point, the controller needs to be replaced.

③ If it is not for the controller being damaged or short circuited, and to see if there is a problem with the battery, the battery voltage can be measured. If the battery is no longer stored, it naturally needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

④ If there is no problem with the battery, further inspection can be conducted to see if there is a problem with the solar panel and if there is voltage and current output under normal operation. If not, the panel needs to be replaced. If all the above are OK, it may be that there is something wrong with the light source itself. After supplying power to the LED light source, check whether it can be lit normally and replace it in time.

2. Short lighting time

After using solar street lights for a period of time, even if there is sufficient light, it is possible that the lighting time may be short, and it is not possible to provide lighting normally on rainy days. Most likely, there is a problem with the battery, and its storage capacity has decreased, which naturally leads to insufficient storage. It is necessary to replace the supporting battery in a timely manner, and the parameters should be appropriate.

3. After installing the lamp cap, all lights remain on and on

When installing solar street lights, some customers may encounter the problem of why the LED lights come on just after installation and still remain on. At this time, first check whether the positive and negative poles of the solar panel are connected correctly. If they are reversed, correct them in a timely manner. Then, use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the solar panel and compare it to see if it is consistent. If the voltage value is too small, it indicates that there is a quality problem with the solar panel itself, Replace in a timely manner.

4. The street lamp beads are not fully lit

If there is false soldering during the production of the light source, it is easy to cause this result. Replace the corresponding lamp beads and weld them firmly. If all the light sources are well welded, it is likely that the quality of the light source itself is faulty and the entire lamp holder needs to be replaced.

5. Light source flickering

The reasons for this phenomenon are also multifaceted. Firstly, you can replace the lighting fixtures. If there is still such a problem after replacement, it may be a problem with the circuit or other components. Check if the circuit interface is in good contact and promptly handle it. If there is no problem with the circuit and the light source is still flashing, it is necessary to check the battery. If the battery is in a low state and the storage capacity is insufficient, there is also a possibility of the light source flashing. In this case, the battery should be replaced in a timely manner.

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What roads are suitable for installing solar street lights on

The advantages of solar street lights are obvious, and they can be used to leverage their strengths and avoid weaknesses, making solar street lights more effective. The main occasions suitable for installing solar street lights are:

1. Road and street lighting in rural, township and other peripheral areas

The use of LED street lamp holders for solar street lamps has advantages such as environmental protection, energy conservation, low maintenance costs, and immunity from power outages and noise, making rural solar street lamps a scenic spot for new rural construction.

2. City squares, parking lots, school playgrounds, workers’ green spaces, and park lighting

Street lights in large-scale urban activity venues require long-term lighting and consume a large amount of electricity. Solar street lamps use LED street lamp holders, which are energy-saving and energy-saving. So replacing the city circuit lights in these places with solar street lights is a very effective energy-saving method.

3. Lighting for golf courses, beach baths, high-end villa areas, etc

The lighting of golf courses, beach baths, and high-end villa areas often requires landscape lights for decoration. Nowadays, landscape lights can also be powered by solar panels. The solar landscape street lights produced are a perfect combination of technology and art, showcasing the beauty of technology in the era.

4. Replacement of power supply for highway warning signs and bridge street lights

Replacing the power supply of highway warning signs and bridge street lights with solar powered street light products can continuously and effectively supply power to highway warning signs and bridge street lights without frequent maintenance, saving a lot of maintenance costs.

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