Advantages of All in one solar street light

Advantages of All in one solar street light

1.Novel and beautiful appearance

The All in one solar street light integrates solar panels and light sources, and some even integrate light poles together, with diverse shapes, novel and beautiful.

2.Easy maintenance

The solar panel is integrated with the battery and lamp holder, and can be replaced directly in case of problems, eliminating the need for troubleshooting procedures.

3.Strong energy-saving performance

Generally, All in one solar street light with human body sensing automatically reduce power when no one is around, and automatically increase brightness when someone passes by, saving electricity.

4.Easy installation

The “foolproof” installation, as long as you can tighten the screws, eliminates the need for traditional split solar street lights to install battery panel brackets, install lamp caps, and create battery pits, greatly saving labor and construction costs.

5.Using solar power to save electricity and protect Earth’s resources;

All in one solar street light are not as expensive as municipal lighting street lights, and they require high electricity bills to be paid during operation. They also require long-term uninterrupted maintenance and replacement of lines and other configurations, with maintenance costs increasing year by year. Solar street lights are free of electricity bills: a single solar street light is a one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, and long-term benefits.

6.Adopting human infrared sensing control technology, the lights turn on when people come and turn off when people go, extending the lighting time;

7.Adopting high capacity and long life lithium batteries to ensure the service life of the product;

8.No need for pulling wires, extremely convenient installation;

The installation of All in one solar street light is not as complex as that of municipal lighting street lights. In the construction of municipal lighting street lights, the first step is to lay cables, which requires excavation of cable trenches, laying of hidden channels, threading in pipes, backfilling, and other large-scale basic projects. Then carry out long-term installation and debugging, and if there are any problems with any of the lines, large-scale rework is required. Moreover, the terrain and circuit requirements are complex, and the cost of labor and auxiliary materials is high. The integrated solar energy installation is simple: during installation, there is no need to lay complex circuits, only a cement base needs to be made, and then fixed with stainless steel screws. The lamp holder installation only needs to be fixed and tightened with accessory screws on the lamp pole, and the lamp switch can be turned on.

9.Waterproof structure, safe and reliable;Expandable timing, voice control and other functions;

10.Adopting a modular design concept for easy installation, maintenance, and repair;

11.Adopting alloy materials as the main body of the structure, it has good rust and corrosion prevention functions;

12.Retractable lamp pole, easy for outdoor installation and disassembly;

The All in one solar street light is an upgrade based on the solar street light. Simply put, it integrates the battery, controller, and LED light source into a single lamp head, and then is equipped with a battery panel, lamp pole, or cantilever installation. On the basis of ensuring lighting performance, the portability and low cost of solar lamps have been greatly improved, highlighting the characteristics of convenient installation and unrestricted installation occasions of solar street light.

Working principle of integrated solar street lights

The integrated solar street lamp is composed of a combination of solar panels, lithium batteries, semiconductor LED light sources, and a shell. It utilizes excellent practical control technologies such as microcontrollers and thermal infrared human body sensing, combined with a simple integrated structural design, to perfectly achieve various performance requirements such as low power consumption, high brightness, long life, maintenance free, excellent waterproof and heat dissipation performance, and easy installation.

The product directly absorbs energy from sunlight and converts it into electrical energy to drive LED operation. The Solar thermal energy irradiates the monocrystalline silicon battery panel and converts it into electric energy. The electric energy is input into the lithium battery for storage through the controller. When the output voltage of the monocrystalline silicon battery panel is lower than 5V, the controller automatically switches on the lithium battery and LED light source, and the lamp starts to work.

The product design includes overcharge protection and discharge protection, which can safely protect the performance of the battery and extend its service life. If the voltage is too low, it will automatically reduce the power. When there are people, it will work 100%, and when there are no people, it will stand by 30%. Extend the service life of the lamp.

Which places are suitable for using All in one solar street light?

All in one solar street light are mainly used for Roads, squares, scenic spots, schools, communities, factories, mountainous areas, rural residences, bathhouses, parking lots, gardens, courtyards, industrial areas, residential areas, park roads, It can also be used in remote areas lacking power station infrastructure, such as islands, famous mountains covered by scenic spots, or some rural areas.

shinetoo has been developing the individual components for over 9 years to make highly reliable All in one solar street light networks all over the world. We are considered a global market leader in high reliability solar street light.

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