Benefits of using shinetoo LED lights for basketball courts

Outdoor and indoor commercial basketball courts are best suited for LED lights. shinetoo manufacturers can make the best LED lights for basketball courts and gymnasiums, with direct, projector, and highbay.

LED lights are better than any other traditional lights, are the best replacement for metal halide and HPS, are lower in cost than them, put out more light than they can, and last longer in lifespan.

For the application of LED lights on the basketball court, our manufacturer has developed a complete guide for this purpose for your reference, which can make the basketball court lighting system more convenient and efficient.

Our guide can make the spectators get a better lighting effect, get more even light, plus the anti-glare function, which can protect the eyes of the players and others and improve Next is our guide for basketball court lighting design.

Outdoor commercial basketball court lighting design

Before design, to determine the type of basketball courts, such as university, community, commercial basketball court, or professional basketball court, there are different LED lighting design standards; with our products and technology to complete the indicators is a very critical look at what the standards are!

surge protection, and IP rating

Want to basketball court lighting system that can be stable and long-lasting use. It must take into account IP rating and surge protection, to take into account the daily will be subject to bad weather, as well as the basketball smashed once the failure of these reasons will lead to the basketball court can not operate normally. The basketball court will bring operational and reputational damage. The basketball court LED lights must reach IP65. Because it is installed outdoors, the protection function is essential.

lux level

Lux level is a lighting indicator that can reflect a set of LED lighting systems; basketball court types have different LUX levels, and the basketball court size is usually 4700 square feet. If the LUX requirement is 300, then 4700 square feet = 436.64 square meters, so need 300 x 436.64 = 130,995 lumens, need each LED lamp produced Greater than 16,500 lumens of light, and also takes into account the light spill, generally at 10%, consider using 100W floodlights, also have to consider the height of the pole, we shinetoo provide free basketball court lighting design, please get in touch with us for your design and quote.

Most of the lights on the market use a lens. When the athlete lifts his head, he sees the LED light source. But with Shinetoo’s patented reflector technology, we use reflectors so the fixture faces the pitch when installed. Players don’t see LED light sources but lights.

Asymmetric Indirect Light Design

Our Asymmetric lighting distribution is uniquely designed to reduce glare while controlling the overflow of light with the use of indirect LED lighting. A 5MM tempered glass lens is used to protect the LED chips inside.


The flicker rate should be less than 0.3% for basketball court lighting. Most of the current basketball courts have strobe to focus on these features because the video recording or shooting can not produce strobe, to ensure that the LED spotlight can provide stable shooting results.

Full Cut-Off

Asymmetrical and entirely cut-off floodlights do this by eliminating light cast upward. This also improves safety and spectator comfort.

Indoor basketball court lighting design

Indoor basketball courts do not use light poles. They hang LED lights from the ceiling, but since indoor gymnasiums are reflective, use anti-glare lights and use indirect lighting to illuminate the basketball court using reflected light to get better results, or install more LED lights to compensate for the light absorbed by the ceiling, but be sure to meet these lighting parameters to see if they meet the lighting specifications. You can use our shinetoo LED stadium lights, designed for indoor sports.

what is the cost of basketball court lighting?

Using LED lights for basketball court lighting is cost-saving and reduces manual maintenance, allowing more effort to be spent on other areas of the basketball court that need to be managed. Here is the cost calculation for a basketball court that requires 300LUX.

(100W x $0.12)/$1000 = $0.012 for 6 hours of use per day, so the cost of one light per month is $0.072. Very money-saving.

the main reason for choosing LED lights for basketball courts

Choosing LED lights for a basketball court are the best choice. It can provide powerful light irradiation, making the light more even and high-quality, making the players and spectators more enthusiastic about the game.

LED lights can save more costs, LED lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, and the efficiency of electrical energy to light energy reaches 90%. Compared to metal halide lamps, they can save more than 60% of the electricity expenses, are very environmentally friendly, contribute to the greenhouse effect, and protect the environment. LED lights do not produce ultraviolet radiation, harmless to humans; therefore, they are also used for LED tennis court lights, gaining a good reputation.

LED basketball court lights save electricity.

LED can save a lot of electricity. Its electrical energy conversion rate is 90%, which is more than twice the metal halide lamp, and 300W LED lights emit lumens that can be the same as 900W metal halide lamp, with cost savings of more than 60%, you can use less wattage, get more lumens.

LED basketball court lights last longer

The structure of the basketball court LED lamp is much better than the metal halide lamp he is; not the structure of the metal halide lamp is glass, easy to be destroyed. LED lamp light decay is very long if the LED lamp lifespan of 50,000 hours, used 6 hours a day, then you can use 22 years if you use a metal halide lamp. The life will be reduced by more than five times, and the use of LED lamps can reduce the frequency of replacement because the replacement of light also Need a considerable amount of labor costs, especially in the United States, to solve a problem will not be less than 100 U.S. dollars.

LED basketball court lights have an excellent heat dissipation system.

If operating at high temperatures, LED lights will hand damage due to heat build-up, speed up light decay, and reduce life. Our LED lighting external structure is made of a die-cast aluminum heat sink, which can extend the life of LED lights, and long-term use will significantly reduce the reduction of lumens. The heat sink system used by our shinetoo can make LED lights more durable and improve the product. The heat dissipation system used by shinetoo can make the LED lamp more durable and enhance the competitiveness of the product.

excellent color rendering (CRI) performance

The CRI score required for a general basketball court should be >70 to meet the standard. CRI is the score of the ability to restore the actual color of the scene in natural light, out of 100, which is much higher than the traditional metal halide lamps.

If your basketball court’s CRI requirements need higher parameters, we can customize them depending on your requirements.

LED basketball court lights can be replaced 1:1

By replacing the LED lights with the previous traditional lighting, you can keep the existing infrastructure and save many costs.

LED basketball court lights dimmable.

Our LED lights have dimmable technology and benefit from the longevity of the LED lights.


LED basketball court lights are available in different wattage ranges

Our LED lights from SHINETOO can provide superpower lighting from 50W to 1600W LED lights, and there are many choices, the more popular wattage 100W, 150W, 300W, 500W, 800W, etc., according to your needs.

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