8 benefits and advantages of LED sports flood lights

LED stadium lights used in general sports stadiums, sports events, airports, or Formula 1 racing, bright LED sports floodlights, can make the participants and the audience feel happy

Led lighting in stadiums and outdoor venues can play a very important role in highlighting the field lighting effects and in allowing athletes to perform better. Our led floodlights have an anti-glare, asymmetric design, which can make athletes not be glazed to the eyes.

What is stadium light?

LED stadiums and sports floodlights are mounted on a high pole with a lighting beam angle between 12-60 degrees, and the bright fiber optics can reach the ground from a higher height to produce the most excellent lighting effect.

Led sports flood lights can be installed at different heights depending on the venue’s application. The beam angle will vary depending on the height; some may be as low as 25 feet, with a common height range between 40-60 feet, for example, in soccer fields, tennis courts, and golf courses, which may be installed at heights of 100 feet or more, while producing over 300 feet of footcandles on the ground, reflecting the robust lighting capabilities of led sports lights. In contrast, most outdoor parking lot and street lighting led flood lights are installed in the range of 15 feet to 30 feet, with a much wider beam angle and 10-20 footcandles of ground illumination.

LED floodlights can be anti-glare, low-cost, and energy efficient and are the mainstay of stadium floodlights for basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, swimming pools, racetracks, race tracks, rugby fields, and frisbee fields.

So what are the advantages of using LED stadium lights?

LED stadium lights have a longer life and low maintenance costs

Led sports lights can produce directional light, which can be directed or reflected by a reflector, which can focus all the light where it needs to be shone. LED sports floodlights have a very slow lumen decline, much slower than HID and metal halide lamps.

For example, with our shinetoo G1-S3 500W floodlight, the lumens are 65,000 lumens, the service life can reach 20,000 hours, and the maintenance cost is meager.

Energy efficiency of LED stadium lights

LED sports floodlight energy efficiency can reach more than 95%, compared with metal halide, they are under the same light efficiency, there is a large difference in electricity consumption, and they can save a lot of electricity.

Anti-glare technology

Most of the lights on the market use lenses, and when the athlete looks up, he sees the LED light source. But with Shinetoo’s patented reflector technology, we use a reflector, so the fixture faces the pitch when installed. Instead of the LED light source, the player sees the light.

Asymmetric indirect light design

Our asymmetrical lighting distribution is uniquely designed to reduce glare while controlling light spillage using indirect LED lighting technology. 5MM tempered glass lenses are used to protect the internal LED chips.

Low temperature and high safety performance

LED stadium floodlights produce much less energy and heat than HID lights; it has 95% light conversion, can be installed closed, and do not produce much heat. In comparison, it has excellent safety, can reduce heat emission and does not increase the room temperature, and has improved safety performance.

Color temperature

The color of light emitted from Led is available in various colors.

Cheap to buy

Compared to metal halide lighting has various disadvantages, the cost is very high in terms of maintenance, and the electricity above needs consumes more money.

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