7 benefits of choosing LED street lights

led shoebox light  50W~400W, can be used for street lighting and area lighting

Street lights are used to illuminate vehicles and people at night. Street lights can greatly improve safety as well as avoid possible security threats. If there are no street lights on the road, it will affect people’s travel.
There are many types of street lights, including incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lamps and LED street lights, so today, we will talk about the benefits of LED street lights.

LED street lights are more energy efficient

LED is the most energy-saving lighting method among another lighting, which only produces little heat and can convert most of the electricity into light energy, so it can save energy.

Easy to dissipate heat

Therefore, using LED as street lighting can reduce a lot of heat emission, promote the brightness and stability of light, and is not a problem for heat dissipation, even in the hot summer can keep the surroundings cool.

LED instantly turns on full brightness.

LEDs are not only very bright but also turn on very quickly, which is one of the reasons they are a practical lighting solution for warehouses and office buildings to help maintain productivity and ensure worker safety. LED lights have been used in more and more places.

Reduce Light Pollution

Light pollution is the aftermath of recent decades of technological and urban development, light pollution can have a significant impact on the human body and the environment, and it is a problem that can be improved.

We make the LED lights control the light spillage through the special design of LED fixtures, do not produce serious glare problems, and get bright and comfortable light, which our customers will receive.

Save more cost

One of the benefits of LED street lights is longer life: LED lighting products last longer than other traditional lights. For example, LED bulbs last two to six times longer than fluorescent lamps and 25 times longer than incandescent lamps.

Because of their long life, there is no need to replace bulbs frequently. This saves much money on fixture and installation costs, which is a huge cost-saving for businesses and individuals.


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Our LED Lights and Streets

While our LED solar street lights are one of all LED lights available today, LED lights have very many benefits, whether it’s helping people and businesses save more on energy costs and maintenance costs or being beneficial for the environment and for solving light pollution problems.

With more and more people using LED lights as a lighting solution for public areas, many countries and towns are realizing the problems they are currently experiencing with lighting and are using shinetoo led lights to solve these difficulties.

Vertical solar street light without electricity connection, new in 2022

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