4 Tips to Select the Baseball Field lighting

4 Tips to Select the Baseball Field lighting

As we know, baseball field lighting should be bright enough to provide visibility and position. When you are looking for lighting solutions for baseball field lighting, the below tips will offer some help.

baseball field lighting

1.Types of Lighting

There are different types of lighting in the market, such as LED Lights/ Metal Halide/Halogen/Fluorescent/Compact/Fluorescent/HPS/LPS,/Incandescent.

The max power for Fluorescent/Compact fluorescent/LPS is only about 200W. For Halogen/HPS, the range of color temperature is 2700-3500K. We cannot have more color temperature options without halogen or HPS. For Metal Halide, the life span is only 6000 to 10000h. For LED lights, The lifespan can do 50000-10000h. The max power can reach 10000W, the energy efficiency can do 120-150lm/W, and the range of color temperature is 2700K to 7500K. LED lights have the best performance regarding luminous efficiency, service life, and content of color temperature. Shinetoo lighting has five kinds of designs of LED sports lighting. The G2 and G5 stadium lighting will be suitable for baseball field lighting.

2.Photometric Design Service

Not all baseball fields are the same size. Some baseball field is a professional filed, and some baseball filed is only for training. Different sizes and different applications mean different lighting needs. DIALUX is very useful for predicting the actual ground lux. You can ask a lighting designer to offer a Dialux Lighting simulation for your project. Then we know how many luminaires we need and how many lux is in a different baseball field area.

3.Waterproof ability for outdoor baseball filed

We know the led sports lighting should be waterproof. Do you know what rating the led stadium lights should have? Usually, IP65 is good enough for the outdoor environment. For Shinetoo high mast flood lighting, it’s all IP65 or IP66.

4.Anti- Glare

What is glare? Why do we need to watch out for the glare? Glare means the strong light that makes you feel dizzy. It affects the high-speed camera to record the condition. And it also affects athletes’ timing and response to game conditions. LED lighting is a good solution for sports fields, but it will also create glare, just like other types of lighting fixtures. There are many factors that can create glare. Such as for shinetoo LED sports lighting, we have direct and indirect designs/ asymmetric and symmetric designs. G2 sports flood light and G5 sports lighting is direct/ symmetric design, we have different size of diffusers to help with reducing the glare.

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