2022 Most Complete Tennis Court Lighting Planning Guide

For all the requirements of tennis court lighting to be met quickly, the correct LED tennis court floodlights should be used. Tennis court lighting, to be used in accordance with the environment and personal preferences, vary greatly. In theory, the tennis ball is very small and leaps quickly, which usually requires a higher level of lighting than badminton courts.

So it is very important to get the job right in advance, choose the right led flood light manufacturer and led lighting design, and consider the surrounding factors that affect the neighbors.

Tennis court lighting levels

LED tennis court lights levels can be measured using lux, and everything will be based on the desired lux level. Generally, at 100-350 lux, 350 lux can be used for tournament venues and large stadiums and for 300W led tennis lights and 6holes. If the tennis court is for VIP services and training, it should reach 250 lux. If the general use scenario is daytime or even requires seeing the tennis ball so easily, then only 100 lux is enough. It depends on how much the venue budget is. You can choose us for your led lighting design as well as budget design.

Also, horizontal uniformity is very important. The practicality of light can be affected by dappling and unevenness. It is best to ensure that the horizontal uniformity is 0.6 and 0.3 (at 250 lux), horizontal uniformity of 0.6 and 0.4 (at 350 lux)

Importantly, as the overall lighting level increases, the uniformity of light propagation also becomes important. So we need to use lighting simulation software. We need our senior lighting designer to provide a good lighting design for our venue, and to observe the changes in the center court.

Light control

Light spillage is very necessary to consider. If there is an excessive light spillage, then it will not last a friendly relationship between the neighbors. To ensure that there is no light spillage on the ground, we recommend installing the lights horizontally. The benefits of this not only make the light more concentrated and bright but also prevent spillage. Using our shinetoo’s patented technology can make the prevention of spillage more obvious.

Light pole height

The height of light pole of the general tennis court is best installed at a low height, which can better reduce glare and excessive light spillage.

Depending on the led floodlight used and the lighting level required, a height of 6 to 8 meters is usually sufficient to meet the desired photo level. For public areas, and when multiple pitches need to be illuminated, a small number of lights can again be used, and a 20-meter height pole allows for more even light and a natural spread of light.

Four poles are needed to get 250 lux and good light coverage if the light is high. If they tell it is low, only 6-8 meters, then 8-10 poles are needed to reach the standard lux level.

Don't choose metal halide anymore

Metal halide has been withdrawn from the mainstream market, with the continued development of the reliability and life of led, as well as the practicality and cost of the above increasingly undeniable advantages, even in the maintenance of the above, are not a big problem, metal halide itself has a big fatal problem, not only excessive power consumption but also for the temperature impact is relatively large.

So how to install the light pole?

Our manufacturer is also able to provide light poles, but in order to be more cost-effective, it is recommended to buy the poles locally, but please provide us with the appropriate drawings and specifications, so we can better design the lights and improve compatibility most of the light poles are a complete set of equipment and accessories, including the largest frame structure, followed by the use of cement poured into the ground.


We provide the most professional lighting design and the most professional led floodlight production technology, we can provide you with all services, if you have no understanding of the various parameters, you can consult us, the installation of tennis court led lighting, is not an easy task, but with us, it becomes simple and efficient.

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