Where is the best LED flood lighting manufacturer in China?

Why Shinetoo LED flood lights is best in china?

Shine is your trusted supplier of LED floodlights, specializing in sports lighting, industrial lighting, solar lighting and more, in a variety of parameters, shapes, wattages and color temperatures. It is used in outdoor and indoor sports lighting locations, such as tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts and baseball field lights. On the solar lights, there are solar street lights, solar garden lights.

We create LED floodlights that are power efficient, bright, anti-glare and reduce utility bills. Each LED lamp is manufactured through strict standard craftsmanship, the raw materials are screened, and the service life is long.
We have branches in China and the United States, guaranteeing service and after-sales, as well as first-class production speed

Professional LED floodlights at your service

We have the most professional engineers of LED reflectors and lighting designers who have been working for many years. We can customize the design of various parameters according to your venue and commercial use. Through the interaction design of engineers and designers, we can customize the most customized design for you. The most efficient, practical and economical LED floodlight solution


What are LED Flood Lights?

LED floodlights are high-power lamps that can be used to light large areas. There are many kinds of floodlights, and they serve many different purposes. A common function of floodlights is wide Angle illumination to cover large areas. LED floodlights come in different shapes and sizes and can be adapted to the different needs and requirements of customers. From lighting up large stadiums and parks to lighting up your own lawn, floodlights are very useful. They are mainly used outdoors, but you may also see them used indoors, for example for lighting in a garage or warehouse. They are commonly used for security and sometimes for lighting advertisements, such as billboards. Solar LED floodlights can be used in homes and parks to reduce the need for direct power supply.

LED Flood Light Applications

What are outdoor LED flood lighting applications?
Outdoor LED floodlighting is a term used to describe exterior lighting that is typically mounted on buildings or poles to provide directional illumination for various space types.
In our company’s LED lighting applications, most of them are used in indoor and outdoor sports venues, plant growth lighting, industrial lighting. LED lights are refracted and some are direct, and they have different shapes, different lighting angles, different power levels.

Indoor LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights are suitable for large indoor stadiums, factories and warehouses; There are large supermarkets, people in work and life, weak light for their visual image is very large, and in the daytime for stronger LED lighting, is also essential, some indoor warehouses are fundamentally opaque.

Outdoor LED Flood Light

Outdoor floodlights are used in open Spaces where optimal night lighting is required. LED floodlights are powerful lighting fixtures that are ideal for these types of applications. Outdoor LED floodlight manufacturers can provide perfect lighting for your application. The application places are outdoor sports venues, such as basketball courts, baseball courts and tennis courts, etc., and the lighting layout can also be designed separately according to the level of the venues, which is divided into ordinary and competition.

Design of LED Flood Light

When buying LED floodlights, many buyers are unsure about what type of LED to buy and how far away the lights should be placed. There are several aspects to consider when it comes to design and spacing. The height of the lights, the lumen power of the lights, the Angle of the lights, the ambience of the lighting you want in the area where these lights will be used.

To balance light and reduce shadows, many LED floodlight applications require some overlapping or cross-lighting. For example, on an outdoor playground, your client doesn’t want shadows interrupting the game. If your customers are not sure what style of spacing to use, please consult us, we are a professional LED floodlight manufacturer, we can provide you with the most professional service free of charge, as well as the most perfect after-sales service.

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